Muddy water on Lake Erie slows fishing, perch biting

Central Region

Indian Lake (Logan County) – Saugeyes are aggressive on wind
swept points and channel openings with current at this 5,040-acre
lake in Logan County. Try casting or trolling small rattletraps and
suspending crankbaits. Largemouth bass fishing is popular along the
many stone riprap areas, docks, and islands. Many bass are in the
12- to 18-inch size range and are in shallow water. Crappie and
white bass fishing can both be good during June. Minnows are the
most popular choice for live bait. Channel catfish fishing should
be picking up as the water warms.

Oakthorpe Lake (Fairfield_County) – This 41-acre lake in
Fairfield County provides good largemouth bass fishing. Try
plastics and spinnerbaits around shoreline cover and the lily pads
on the north side of this overlooked lake. Crappies are being taken
from the deep water on the west bank with a minnow suspended by a
bobber; look for submerged timber. Bluegills can be caught around
lily pads. Use small worms, crickets, or insect larvae to catch
these fish. Electric motors only.

Northwest Region

Ferguson Reservoir (Allen County) – Crappie fishing has been
very good. Crappie in Ferguson Reservoir have been ranging from
nine to 11.5 inches. Anglers should try using small jigs tipped
with minnows or wax worms. Try fishing around any vegetation or
structure along the shoreline. Boat anglers should try drifting or
trolling with minnows along the shoreline. Catfish anglers have
been catching channel cats, ranging from 13 to 21 inches, near the
main parking lot. Also in this same area, anglers have been
catching bluegill sunfish using earth worms or wax worms.

Clear Fork Reservoir (Richland and Morrow counties) – Clear Fork
Reservoir is one of Ohio’s premier muskie lakes. However, in recent
weeks largemouth bass and crappie have provided the most angling
action at Clear Fork Reservoir. Crappie anglers are fishing minnows
in shallow water near woody debris along the shoreline. Largemouth
bass are being caught along the same woody debris, the edge of
vegetation beds, and along rocky, sandy areas of the shoreline.
Largemouth bass are making nests in shallow areas along the
shoreline. Bluegill sunfish are being caught by anglers fishing
with worms and wax worms in deeper water areas with some woody

Northeast Region

LaDue Reservoir (Geauga County) – Largemouth bass are biting at
this 1,475-acre lake located in the southern part of the county.
Nice numbers of 9- to 15-inch fish are being taken mostly by boat
anglers. Electric motors only.

West Branch Reservoir (Portage County) – Large crappies between
9 and 14 inches are being caught in the willow “stickups” near all
available shorelines. Live minnows on gold hooks or smaller jigs
under floats are the preferred methods. Anglers using lightweight
line and extension rods are experiencing the most success. This
2,616-acre lake is located five miles east of Ravenna on State
Route 5. Wheelchair accessible shoreline fishing facilities are

Portage Lakes (Summit County) -Bass fishing is beginning to pick
up as spawning season winds down. Hungry post-spawn bass are
scattered, but biting well on a soft plastic lures like worms and
Senkos. The sunfish bite is also improving, with bluegill and
redear sunfish moving shallow in preparation for the spawn. Anglers
are having success on maggots and pin mins jigs suspended under

Southwest Region

Cowan Lake (Clinton County) – Crappies, between 9 and 14 inches,
are being caught around brush piles with slip bobber and minnows 12
to 18-inches deep, within 20 feet off the bank.

Acton Lake (Preble County) – Crappies and saugeyes are being
caught. Water temperature in the low 60’s. Fish fallen timber on
both shorelines. Try minnows on chartreuse and white jigs for
saugeyes. The crappies are being taken on minnows under a float at
about 12 to 20 inches deep.

Southeast Region

Salt Fork Lake (Guernsey County) – Anglers are still reeling in
great catches of crappie in the average 7 to 8-inch range. Fish
live minnows suspended under a bobber over submerged woody
structure. Largemouth bass in the 10- to 12-inch range are being
reported by anglers using spinner baits and deep-diving crankbaits.
For sauger, try jigs tipped with minnows or nightcrawlers on jigs
or with worm harnesses.

Seneca Lake (Noble and Guernsey counties) – White bass fishing
has been excellent along the spillway area of the lake. Anglers are
casting jigs and reeling in fish in the 9- to 12-inch range.

Lake Erie Region

Western Basin

Walleye: Muddy water has limited walleye fishing in the far
western basin. Farther east, the best fishing was around Niagara
Reef, “D” can of the Camp Perry firing range, from Green Island to
North Bass Island, and also northeast of Kelleys Island. Casters
are switching over to mayfly rigs or drifting bottom bouncers with
worm harnesses. Trollers are catching fish on spoons and dipsys or
jet divers, worm harnesses with inline weights, or with

Yellow perch: With most of the fishing effort being directed
toward walleyes, there have been very few perch reports. The best
reports have come from between Marblehead and Kelleys Island. Perch
spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most

Central Basin

Walleye fishing has been excellent between Ruggles Reef and
Lorain in 28 to 32 feet of water, and nearshore in 10-25 feet off
Cleveland. Anglers are also catching fish in 35-44 feet off
Fairport Harbor. Trollers are using crankbaits, spoons, and worm
harnesses off planer boards and jet divers and also flatline
trolling. Fishing is picking up on the piers at Eastlake and
Cleveland. The best times are in the evening and early morning.

Yellow perch fishing has been very good in 40-42 feet off
Cleveland, Wildwood State Park, Fairport, and Geneva. Shore anglers
have been catching fish off the Headlands Beach and Fairport piers
on the Grand River and in Cleveland off the E. 55th and E. 72nd
street piers in Cleveland. Perch spreaders with shiners fished near
the bottom produce the most fish.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been very good in 5 to 20 feet
around harbor areas in Fairport Harbor, Geneva, Ashtabula, and
Conneaut. Fish are being caught on soft-crawls, jigs tipped with
minnows, leeches, green and brown tube jigs, and by trolling

The Rocky River is currently exhibiting good fishing conditions,
with a light stain and moderate flow. Given quite a bit more rain
in the current forecast, though, the river will likely elevate and

River anglers continue catching a seasonal mixed bag of
smallmouth bass, carp, catfish, sheepshead (freshwater drum), rock
bass, and suckers. A nightcrawler, minnow, or crayfish drifted near
the bottom in the deeper holes and runs is a great way to have an
opportunity to hook up with any of the aforementioned species. A
four-inch dark olive or brown tube jig or similar size/color woolly
bugger fly are especially effective offerings for targeting
smallmouth bass on artificial lures.

Bluegills, crappies, and other panfish have been biting well
around Cleveland Metroparks on grubs or small bits of worm fished
below a bobber. Wallace, Ledge, and Shadow lakes and Beyer’s Pond
are a few of many places to pursue panfish around the Cleveland
Metroparks District.

Trout and farm raised channel catfish left over from the spring
children’s fishing derbies this past weekend are biting at Wallace
Lake and the Ohio and Erie Canal fishing area. Power bait is
catching most of the trout, and chicken livers are working well for
catfish. A nighcrawler fished on the bottom is an effective tactic
for the equal opportunity angler looking to catch a trout or

Now that the lake is settling down, boating anglers out of the
Emerald Necklace marina are catching yellow perch in about 40 feet
of water and walleye in closer to shore in the evenings in about
10-25 feet of water.

Cleveland Metroparks,

Ohio River Region

Pike Island Tailwater (Belmont and Jefferson counties) – There
are plenty of fish to be caught right now on jigs and twister tails
or jigs and minnows. White, pearl, chartreuse, orange, or yellow
seems to be the favorites right now with white or chartreuse the
most popular colors used by anglers. If the wind is not bad,
anglers are encouraged to fish during evening hours for best
results. Concentrate on fishing in the area of the flag pole.

New Cumberland Lock and Dam (Belmont and Jefferson counties) –
Saugers measuring 12 inches to 14 inches are still biting and the
most popular presentation is white, chartreuse, yellow, pink, or
black jig and grub combos. Hybrid striped bass measuring 25 inches
and larger are also biting. Jigging spoons in white or metal along
the walls, top-water baits at dusk, dawn or through the night in
white, and jerkbaits work well for stripers.

Riverbend to downtown area (Hamilton County)- Anglers report
channel cats off gravel humps in about 20 feet of water near
channel drop-offs. Fish depths from 15 to 30 feet and try cut
skipjack and shad.

Racine Dam Area – Fishing has slowed due to high water levels.
Prior to this, hybrid striped bass (many over 25 inches) were
hitting on twister tails, flukes, and Rapalas. The best areas for
fishing are in the tailwater sections near the dam. Catfish were
being caught on cut bait and some artificial bait. Skipjacks were
also being taken at the dam and along the walkway.

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