DNRE adopts new deer management plan

Lansing — The Department of Natural Resources and Environment
has adopted its first-ever comprehensive statewide deer management
plan designed to guide management decisions into the future.

The plan is the result of more than two years of effort by DNRE
staff and deer management partners from around the state. The Deer
Advisory Team, a group composed of 24 representatives of groups
with an interest in deer management, provided critical direction
throughout the planning process. Over the course of those two
years, the DNRE held a deer management symposium, commissioned
Michigan State University to conduct a statewide public opinion
poll on public attitudes concerning deer in Michigan and held eight
public scoping meetings.

After the plan was drafted, the department held an additional
eight public meetings around the state to solicit public comments
and make changes to the plan.

The plan contains six goals, 19 objectives and 69 action

The plan was recently reviewed by the Natural Resources
Commission and signed by DNRE Director Rebecca Humphries.

“This is a strategic plan, not an operational plan,” explained
John Niewoonder, the DNRE wildlife biologist who wrote the plan.
“It does not contain specific regulatory recommendations, but sets
the course for future deer management in Michigan.”

“The DNRE is actively working on initiating the implementation
of the plan through the formation of regional deer advisory
groups,” stated Brent Rudolph, DNRE Deer and Elk Program

To read the plan, visit the DNRE website at www.michigan.gov/dnrhunting.

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