DNRE seeks authority to use lethal control on problem wolves

DNRE Report

Lansing — The Department of Natural Resources and Environment
has petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for authority to
use lethal methods to control problem wolves.

“The grey wolf has been fully recovered in Michigan, and the
state has demonstrated its ability to wisely manage this species,”
said DNRE Wildlife Division Chief Russ Mason. “We are in the
position to make informed, wise decisions in handling individual
animals that are causing depredation.

“While it may appear that trapping and relocating problem
animals is a solution, research and practice have shown this
alternative to be less humane and effective in addressing
depredation,” Mason added. “The state is seeking to restore its
full authority in addressing wolf depredation, and we strongly
encourage the USFWS to move forward with delisting this recovered

The USFWS has published a public notice of the DNRE’s permit in
application and will accept public comments on it through May 20.
Citizens who wish to comment may do so by writing:

Regional Director

Attn: Peter Fasbender

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ecological Services

1 Federal Drive

Fort Snelling, MN 5111-4056

or by email at permits.R3ES@fws.gov.

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