Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Pa. Game Commission offers seedlings to landowners

Landowners seeking to plant trees beneficial to wildlife can
order seedlings being offered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s
Howard Nursery, which is accepting orders until April 27. 

Order forms and
information are available on the agency’s Web site ( by clicking on
the “General Store” in the menu bar under the homepage banner, then
choosing “Howard Nursery,” and clicking on “2010 Seedling Order

The order form can be
completed and submitted on line, or printed out and faxed or
mailed. Payments are not due until the order is confirmed by Howard
Nursery. For those without Internet access, order forms can be
obtained ay Game Commission offices or various displays or booths
at shows in which the agency participates through the spring, or by
sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Howard Nursery, 197
Nursery Road, Howard, PA 16841.

“Landowners may
purchase seedlings for wildlife food and cover, watershed
protection, soil erosion control, and for reclamation of disturbed
areas, such as surface mine site and utility right-of-ways,” said
Cliff Guindon, Howard Nursery superintendent. 

“The goal of the
Howard Nursery is to provide the finest available tree seedlings
that best provide for the various needs of wildlife, including food
and shelter.  All of our stock is inspected annually by the state
Department of Agriculture and certified to be

Guindon noted that the
nursery sells seedlings in bundles of 25. Orders of 12 more total
units receive discounted pricing. Prices are as low as $3.75 per
unit of 25 seedlings (15 cents each).

Some species have
already sold out.  The following species remain available: Eastern
white pine; mugo pine; red pine; white spruce; common elderberry;
red elderberry; graystem dogwood; silky dogwood; flowering dogwood;
nannyberry viburnum; arrowwood viburnum; winterberry holly;
buttonbush; common alder; scrub oak/bear oak; pin oak; American
hazelnut; black locust; Washington hawthorne; assorted crabapple;
and eastern redbud.

Guindon noted that,
for evergreens, 1,000 seedlings planted at the recommended tree
spacing of 8 feet by 8 feet will occupy 1.5 acres. Planting space
for hardwood trees should be a minimum of eight feet by eight feet
and up to 15 feet by 15 feet, depending on


For hardwoods, 100 trees will occupy
one-quarter acre, and 1,000 seedlings will occupy 2.5 acres. The
various 8-foot by 8-foot pattern.

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