Game Commission responds to legislative deer audit

— Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl Roe on
Tuessay responded to the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee’s
audit titled “The Deer Management Program of the Pennsylvania Game
Commission, A Comprehensive Review and Evaluation.”

“We believe it was
a thorough review of our program and we appreciate the constructive
criticism,” Roe said. “We welcome the conclusion that the overall
scientific foundation of the Game Commission’s deer management
system is sound, and that the design of the current Wildlife
Management Units reflect a necessary compromise between the various

“The report also
provides some opportunities to improve our deer management
program.  Some of the recommendations we can address easily, but
some will require additional resources to be able to

Dr. Christopher
Rosenberry, Game Commission Deer Management Supervisor, said he and
his team concur with the findings of the audit that indicate the
Game Commission has implemented a deer management program that is
consistent with its mandates through structured public involvement
and scientific data collection methods.

“As with any
complex undertaking, such as a statewide deer program, room for
improvement exists,” Rosenberry said. “In the past, the Game
Commission has actively sought peer-reviews of various components
of our deer program, conducted research and analyses to evaluate
strengths and weaknesses, and implemented changes when warranted.
The recommendations from this audit will be treated in a similar

“The Game
Commission appreciates the thoroughness of this review and
evaluation of our deer program. This audit identified current
strengths and areas for improvement within the deer management
program. As with previous peer-reviews, the Game Commission will
use these findings and recommendations to improve its deer
management program where possible.”

For a complete
copy of the audit and the Game Commission’s comments, please go to
the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee’s website (,
click on “Reports Released” in the left-hand column and scroll down
to “Game and Fisheries” section.

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