DEC dispels mountain lion rumor

Albany — DEC has long refuted reports that mountain lions are
roaming the Empire State.

Now the department has taken the unique step of cranking out a
press release to that effect.

Apparently weary of the numerous Internet photos circulating and
claiming the big cats have been spotted – and even killed – in New
York, DEC officials earlier this week released a statement
identifying the latest Internet photos and e-mail messages as a

DEC officials noted that a photo of a dead mountain lion first
circulated in western New York late last year “is inaccurate and
not valid,” and noted that since that time the same photo has been
circulated across the state, claiming the dead mountain lion was
found in several areas of the state. In addition, the same photo
has been circulating in Pennsylvania, purported to have been taken
in several parts of the Keystone State.

DEC also dispelled several other Internet rumors concerning
cougars. Look for a story on the cougar craze in the March 5
edition of New York Outdoor News.

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