Three more charges in Cannon Falls deer case

Red Wing, Minn. – The 32-year-old Cannon Falls, Minn., man
accused of illegally killing a buck with a record-book rack in
Goodhue County appeared in court last week and pleaded not guilty
to three additional charges leveled against him.

Assistant County Attorney Dave Grove said Troy Alan Reinke,
following additional investigation by the Minnesota DNR, was
charged with one count of possessing a big-game animal out of
season, and two counts of unlawful possession of wild animals (it’s
alleged the trophy buck and another male deer were shot by Reinke
after he first harvested a doe).

The out-of-season possession charge is a gross misdemeanor
punishable by one year in jail and/or a $3,000 fine, Grove

Reinke originally was charged with – and pleaded not guilty to –
13 wildlife violations.

The trophy 8-pointer, which had a gross score of 1905/8, was at
first believed to have been shot illegally, with a bow and arrow,
in late October. Later, conservation officers said they believed
Reinke shot the big buck – later confirmed as a likely
record-setting 8-pointer by Boone and Crockett and the largest such
rack ever measured by Pope and Young – with a gun.

Grove said the possession out of season charge came about
because investigators believe the deer was gun-shot; they say the
cape of the deer was found to contain lead fragments.

In response, Reinke’s attorney requested Reinke’s hunting jacket
be tested to see if it had gunpowder residue on it.

Goodhue County Judge Thomas Bibus agreed to the request.

“I don’t expect it to show anything,” Grove said. It won’t prove
that was the jacket worn, or that “it hadn’t been washed 200
times,” he said.

Reinke pleaded not guilty to the original 13 charges last month.
They included two counts of gross misdemeanor transport of
illegally taken big game; one count of a gross overlimit of wild
animals; two counts of misdemeanor failure to register deer; two
counts of misdemeanor failure to validate a deer license; two
counts of having untagged big-game animals; two counts of taking an
overlimit of deer; and two counts of taking or hunting deer without
a license.

Fines could total thousands of dollars, as well as potential
jail time, officials said. He also could have hunting privileges

DNR conservation officers said Reinke initially told them he
killed three deer during the archery season, and registered the
third deer, the trophy 8-pointer. They say Reinke had purchased an
archery license to harvest one deer.

Reinke more recently has claimed he found the buck already

Grove said it’s possible the parties could settle the case prior
to a jury trial. An omnibus hearing is scheduled for March 18.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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