Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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REPORT_OF_THE_WEEK – District 2 – Cumberland area

Warden Sue Miller, of Hayward, responded to a minor ATV
accident. A hunter had shot a deer on private land and then tried
to remove it with an ATV. The hunter rolled the ATV into a wetland
and pinned himself underneath it. The hunter called 911 on his cell
phone for assistance. Miller gave him a ride back to the cabin and
issued him a citation for the untagged deer. The ATV was not his
and he did not have permission to hunt on the land where he shot
the deer. The hunter does not believe he will be invited back.

District 1 – Ashland area

Warden John Windt, of Hurley, spent the two weeks before deer
season working on illegal baits issues. He issued numerous

Warden Matt Mackenzie, of Ashland, assisted the Ashland County
Sheriff’s Department with an arrest of a felon in possession of a
firearm before the deer season.

Warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, issued a littering citation to
a subject who dumped deer carcasses and plastic bags on a road
south of Herbster.

A Bayfield County deputy arrested a subject for OWI on Halloween
night who had a partially uncased, loaded rifle in the vehicle.
Warden Egstad issued a citation for the rifle.

Warden Egstad issued a citation for too much bait to a hunter in
a ground blind on opening morning of the gun deer season.

Warden John Krull, of Superior, followed an ATV path to a large
elevated deer blind (both are illegal in the city of Superior)
prior to deer season. The subject was also placing bait in a large
black plastic pan. A citation was issued for the baiting violation
on the second day of the season. The subject’s information was
turned over to police and additional citations for the ATV and
stand violations are pending.

Warden Krull contacted three squirrel hunters south of Lyman
Lake who were in possession of firearms during the prohibited time
before the gun deer season.

Warden Brad Biser, of Brule, issued a citation to a subject for
bowhunting on the day before the gun season.

Warden Biser issued a citation to a subject for trapping fisher
in the wrong zone.

District 2 – Cumberland area

Warden Jesse Ashton, of Luck, received a hotline call on opening
weekend of two untagged, gutted deer about three-quarters of a mile
back on Polk County Forest Land. Ashton and deputy warden Larson
located a vehicle at the parking area that had a doe with an
unvalidated herd control tag on it (not a herd control unit). They
made contact with two hunters at dark coming out of the woods with
an untagged buck fawn. They were able to determine that the
subjects had also shot two bucks that they had gutted and not
tagged back in the woods. It was found that all four deer were shot
on Saturday and left untagged. All four deer were seized and
numerous citations were issued.

Warden Ashton overheard the Polk County Sheriff’s office getting
dispatched to a trespassing complaint. Ashton heard the deputy run
four subjects he was familiar with. One of the subjects was still
under revocation for shining and shooting deer several years
earlier. Ashton had the deputy confirm that the subject had been
hunting and had bought a license. An SKS rifle was seized. It was
the same rifle one of the subject’s friends had used in the
previous shining and shooting case, but had been returned by the
court after the case was settled. Ashton seized the rifle for the
second time in three years. The subject was issued a citation for
hunting during a period of revocation and purchasing a license
during a period of revocation. Ashton will be requesting further

Warden Ashton received several calls of suspects in a vehicle in
southern Polk County who had been driving around and shooting deer
out of the window of the car. The third time the caller was able to
get a full plate. The subjects were called in a fourth time for
shooting from the vehicle in the same area and were stopped by the
Clayton Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.
Ashton made a contact with the four occupants and found that they
had shot at four deer out of the window of the car on private land
without permission. Ashton checked the record of the subject who
had shot the majority of the times and found he had two prior
convictions during the gun deer season for shooting off of the
roadway. The rifle was seized and numerous citations were issued to
several of the parties. Ashton will be requesting revocations as

Warden Ashton was working a road hunting complaint near the Polk
County/Burnett County line when he affected a traffic stop on a
suspect vehicle. Ashton observed an empty beer can on the front
seat and a cooler in the back seat. Ashton inquired if the driver
had been reaching into the back seat to grab another beer and the
subject stated, “I don’t have any deer.” Intoxicated? Yes. Deputy
enroute. “How’s the season going?” asked Ashton. Surprisingly, the
intoxicated subject blurted out that he only got one buck with his
gun this year, but last year he had arrowed two bucks for him and
his brother. The subject was cited for a bow hunting violation from
last year and transported to jail for the OWI.

Wardens Russ Fell, of Rice Lake, and Phil Dorn, of Cumberland,
contacted a subject who was illegally shining deer in an area with
prior complaints. The subject was found to have multiple long guns
and hand guns in the vehicle and about a dozen knives. A search of
the vehicle revealed a sizable amount of THC, drug paraphernalia,
and “Red Rock” opium. Charges are pending.

Warden Fell investigated a complaint from a waterfowl hunter who
thought he had been shot at during his hunt on Red Cedar Lake. The
investigation revealed that a lakeshore property owner was
attempting to shoot nuisance squirrels. He had shot four .22 rounds
into a tree at a squirrel. The rounds missed the intended target
and hit the water within 10 feet of the hunter’s boat. The hunter
sought cover on the bottom of the boat. The shooter was located and
counseled on “knowing his target and beyond,” as well as the
distance a rimfire round can travel. The hunter was relieved it was
not an intentional act. Both parties spoke and the matter was
resolved without enforcement action.

Warden Fell investigated a non-fatal hunting accident in Barron
County. Two hunters fired several times in the direction of a
third, un-related, hunter who had been concealed by standing corn.
The victim was struck in the right thigh by a bullet from a high
caliber rifle. The investigation is ongoing.

Warden Fell issued several illegal bait citations,
shoot-from-the-road citations and investigated a case resulting in
several illegal untagged deer near Bruce.

Warden Jon Hagen, of Spooner, took a complaint about a subject
who had just shot a deer from the road with a firearm during the
closed season. Hagen was able to locate two suspects and seized a 9
mm handgun that the shooter used to kill the antlerless deer.
Enforcement action taken.

Warden Hagen received a complaint during the opening day of the
deer season of a hunter who shot across the road as the complainant
was approaching by vehicle. The complainant stated he had to stop
the vehicle to prevent being shot. Hagen spoke to the hunting group
and warned them to refrain from hunting the roadway right of ways.
Hagen issued one citation.

Wardens Hagen and Dorn observed an ATV operating illegally on
the roadway. When the wardens attempted to make contact with the
operator, he attempted to drive past the squad. Hagen quickly
exited the squad and apprehended the operator of the ATV, who was
attempting to unload a firearm. The wardens issued one citation for
a loaded gun on an ATV.

Warden Phil Dorn, of Cumberland, located a suspect vehicle from
an earlier complaint of shooting from a roadway in warden Hagen’s
area. Dorn observed that the vehicle was road hunting again in the
same vicinity as the original complaint. Dorn followed the vehicle
and radioed Hagen to respond. The wardens affected a stop and it
was discovered that two suspects had shot several deer on private
property and tagged two of the deer with carcass tags from the
wrong quota unit. Multiple citations were issued.

Warden Christopher Spaight, of Grantsburg, contacted four
hunters on private property where shots had just been heard.
Spaight ascertained that an antlerless deer had just been shot by
two of the hunters and the other two were dragging out another
untagged antlerless deer. None of the hunters in the group
possessed a valid antlerless tag for that deer unit.

Warden Spaight investigated a complaint of 4X4 trucks “mudding”
in a Crex Meadows marsh. One of the trucks was stuck. Spaight and
supervisor Rick Rosen, of Spooner, responded to the area and
located the trucks. A tow truck was called to remove the truck from
the wetland. Citation issued.

Warden Spaight received a call from the Burnett County Sheriff’s
Department about a trespass issue and a possible hunting violation.
Spaight met with landowners who had identified the trespasser by
backtag number and license plate. Warden Scott Thiede, of Eau
Claire, made contact with suspect the following day and learned
that he had actually shot the deer from the roadway and then
continued to track the deer across private lands without
permission. Citations issued.

Warden Spaight (off-duty) heard a gun shot well after the close
of hunting hours. Spaight rushed home, geared up and went in search
of the shooter. Spaight located a person driving a UTV from a
residence out into a wooded area to retrieve a deer. Spaight
contacted two occupants at the residence and ascertained that the
deer had been shot from the house with a .30-06 rifle while under a
yard light.

Wardens Spaight and Dave Swanson, of Minong, investigated
illegal spearing of game fish on the St. Croix River. The wardens
ran surveillance on the suspects and caught them in the act of
spearing walleyes from a boat. Eight walleyes were seized, as was
the illegal spearing equipment. Multiple citations were issued.

Warden Spaight assisted the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department
with the investigation of many tree stands that were stolen from
private property. Spaight and the detective were able to locate two
of the people responsible for taking and selling the stands at a
local auction house. In addition, Spaight uncovered at least seven
deer, including a 10-point buck, that were shot using a spotlight
and rifle. The case pending.

Warden Heisler, of Winter, contacted two subjects who were road
hunting on state property. Upon contact, Heisler noted an uncased
bow between the driver and passenger with the release still on it.
In addition, the passenger had an uncased shotgun between his legs
which he was trying to quickly unload. Both were cited.

Warden Heisler contacted two hunters hunting over excessive bait
during the gun deer season. The two hunters (sisters) were
attempting to rid the area of bait (second location) as Heisler was
speaking with their father about the violations. Heisler observed
both girls trying to carry two garbage bags of corn from the second
stand. The bags were so full they were ripping and corn was
spilling out as they walked. The father had placed the illegal bait
and, additionally, had illegal amounts of feed placed by the house.
Citations were issued.

Warden Heisler and deputy warden Oginski observed two subjects
on an ATV with uncased firearms during the deer season. Upon
contact the firearms were found to be loaded, as well. Citations
were issued.

Warden Dave Swanson, of Minong, and sdupervisor Rick Rosen, of
Spooner, contacted a deer hunter sitting in his truck on a fire
lane. While speaking with the hunter, the wardens observed a
partially uncased rifle on the seat of the truck and an uncased
semi-automatic pistol on the floor of the truck. When Swanson
inquired about the pistol, the hunter reached for it. A short
scuffle ensued with Rosen ending up with the pistol. Rosen found
that the pistol was loaded, with one in the chamber and the hammer
was cocked. Citation issued.

District 3 – Park Falls area

Warden Michels, of Park Falls, had a sentencing hearing in
Ashland County Court from a 2008 gun deer case of a hunter
purchasing a license and hunting during revocation. The nonresident
was revoked again, this time under the violator compact, and his
rifle was forfeited by the court. The defendant was ordered to pay
$731 for hunting during revocation and agreed to deferred entry of
judgment on the criminal charge of purchasing a license for three
years providing he has no more violations.

Warden Michels investigated two separate license fraud cases
where nonresidents with valid driver’s licenses from more than one
state were purchasing resident licenses in Wisconsin over a period
of several years. Several DNR citations were issued to each
totaling over $4,000 for purchasing improper licenses and other

Wardens Peery, of Ladysmith, and Kendall Fredrick, of Madison,
investigated several baiting complaints that Peery had received.
The first bait site was located and they found the hunters hunting
over the illegal baits. Two citations will be issued in this

Warden Peery followed up on an illegal baiting and trespassing
complaint. While walking out, Peery met the suspects trespassing on
the property utilizing an ATV. When contacted, they admitted to
placing the bait and trespassing on the property. Peery issued a
citation for ATV trespass and additional enforcement action will be
taken by the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department.

Warden Peery investigated a subject who had allegedly shot at a
deer utilizing a spotlight. Upon arriving, there was an untagged
antlerless deer that had been cut up and the rest of the carcass
was hanging in a nearby shed. It was discovered that the subject
possessed another untagged deer from archery season, and two more
from last year that were never registered or tagged. Criminal
charges will be requested.

Warden Peery received and investigated a baiting complaint north
of Ingram. He found a bait pile consisting of over 20 gallons of
apples and corn. A citation was issued.

Warden Peery and deputy warden Phil Grassman were working in
Rusk County when they received a deer shooting complaint. It was
determined that a subject was driving past an area house, when he
observed a doe and three fawns in the back yard. He stopped,
knocked at the front door and found no one at home. He got his
firearm and shot twice, about 25 feet from the back door of the
home, dropping one doe in its tracks while the other ran off,
mortally wounded. He retrieved the one that dropped, realized that
he did not have an antlerless tag, and transported the deer over
four miles to a farm and found someone to tag the deer. The
homeowners came home, found the drag marks and were extremely
upset. The deer were seized and numerous citations were issued.

Wardens from Antigo and Rhinelander investigated a situation
regarding illegal feeders. As a result of the investigation, two
subjects were cited for hunting with more than two gallons of bait
and one of the hunters was cited for shooting a turkey without a

Wardens Tim Otto, of Antigo, and Ben Hertzfeldt, of Wausau,
contacted a hunter who had shot buck a few days earlier. However,
on this date he was hunting by himself and did not possess a valid
tag to put on a deer. The hunter stated that if he had shot a deer,
he was going to call his brother, who was hunting a few miles away,
to tag the deer. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting with
an improper license.

Warden Nick Nice, of Medford, received information of a large
buck being shot with a rifle during the closed season. With
information from concerned sportsmen, Nice investigated and
arrested three individuals involved in the incident. Nice issued
civil charges and signed criminal complaints.

Warden Nice used funding from the Taylor County Sportsmen’s Club
for aerial night patrols over Taylor County targeting illegal
shining and shooting activities.

Warden Nice investigated information of illegal baiting and
arrested those placing excessive bait.

Warden Nice, and special wardens Knipfel and Lindow, issued
multiple citations during the gun season for loaded and uncased
firearms, shooting from a road, hunting from a road, illegal tree
stands, shooting deer in the wrong unit and failing to tag

Warden Jason Bayer, of Phillips, and Price County deputies
responded to a shot fired at night deer poaching complaint. A
suspect vehicle was located at a cabin and Bayer determined a
subject had shot a deer with a shotgun from the vehicle. Bayer
arrested the shooter for intoxicated use of a firearm, along with
criminal deer poaching charges and citations.

Warden Bayer investigated two subjects from Rib Lake who shined
and shot a buck in Kennan at night from a vehicle. Bayer submitted
criminal charges on both subjects for shining and shooting deer,
along with several citations.

Warden Bayer contacted two fishermen (father and son) at the
Phillips Elk Lake boat launch. As Bayer approached, one of the
subjects attempted to hide a fish in the back of the boat. The
subject was over his daily bag limit of walleyes. Bayer went with
the fishermen back to their residence and recovered 80 additional
walleyes from their freezers. Citations were issued for possession
fish over daily limit and possession of fish over the possession

Warden Bayer issued 14 illegal deer baiting citations in
November, with some of the illegal baits being over 25 gallons in

Warden Dryja, of Langlade, responded to a hunter harassment call
opening day of gun deer season. An individual hunting in the
national forest was yelling, and threatening anyone who was within
the hunter’s sight. At one point the subject climbed out of his
stand to attempt to provoke a physical altercation. Dryja arrived
and cited the subject for hunter harassment. The subject stated
that he was upset because all he was seeing was hunters and no

Warden Dryja apprehended an individual from Alaska hunting deer
without a license over a large bait pile. In addition, the subject
was in possession of carcass tag from an elderly subject. Dryja
filed criminal charges with the Langlade County DA’s office.

Warden Dryja and supervisor Krueger apprehended two separate
individuals with loaded, uncased firearms in a vehicle. The first
individual was sitting in his truck during a deer drive and the
second subject was road hunting. Citations were issued.

Warden Dryja issued a citation to an individual who allowed a
12-year-old child to hunt deer unsupervised. The juvenile was given
a baited deer stand, a rifle, an ATV and left to hunt alone. A
citation was issued to the child’s legal guardian.

Dryja cited several individuals for over baiting. One subject
was cited for putting out approximately 25 gallons of apples.

Wardens Peters, of Merrill, and Nerva, of Tomahawk, along with
Lincoln County deputies, checked a cabin after several reports of
illegal hunting by parties prohibited from possessing firearms.
Wardens located one party who had been hunting deer without a
license, a loaded and un-cased gun in a vehicle, illegal bait under
a yard light, and untagged venison in a freezer. An investigation
into several of the violations is continuing.

Warden Nerva worked before and during the gun deer season
locating illegal baits. Many citations were issued for illegal
baits. Two of the baits were in excess of 25 gallons and one was an
automatic feeder.

Warden Nerva received a call during the deer season of a bear in
a den with a Conibear-type trap on its leg. When Nerva went back
with wildlife personnel after the deer season, the bear had left
the den.

District 4 – Woodruff area

Warden Kelly Crotty, of Florence, concentrated on illegal
hunting enforcement and made several arrests for violations,
including illegal baits, loaded and uncased firearms, failure to
wear a back tag for deer hunting, and litter violations. In the
week prior to Wisconsin’s firearm deer season, Crotty assisted
Michigan conservation officers in the seizure of two deer that had
been shot in Michigan and transported back to Wisconsin with
non-validated tags. Michigan wardens met with Crotty in Florence
County, seized both deer, and issued one citation. A second
citation was later issued to a subject that had returned to

Warden Crotty worked night hunting enforcement and cited one
individual with shining after hours. This subject was also arrested
by Florence County authorities for OWI. A week later Crotty
contacted another vehicle that was shining after hours. This
vehicle held three teenaged subjects who were in possession of two
compound bows. All three individuals were cited.

Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, issued several citations in
November while working archery and gun deer hunters. Citations
included shining after hours, placing illegal bait, hunting deer
over illegal bait sites, transportation of loaded/uncased firearms
in vehicles, failure to tag deer, loan/borrow deer licenses, and a
littering violation.

Warden Tim Ebert, of Minocqua, received and investigated
numerous complaints of illegal deer baiting, which resulted in
enforcement action being taken.

Warden Jim Jung, of Rhinelander, observed that the number and
amount of bait piles placed out in the woods leading up to the 2009
gun deer season was down, as compared to previous years. Jung did
take enforcement action for illegal feeding, as well as illegal
bait piles. Wardens Jung and Tim Otto contacted two gun deer
hunters hunting over illegal bait piles. An investigation also
revealed that one hunter had shot and killed two wild turkeys
without permits and while using bait.

Warden Pat Novesky, of Three Lakes, worked the gun deer season
and issued citations for illegal baiting, hunting antlerless deer
in an unauthorized unit, and license fraud.

Warden Tim Price, of Eagle River, issued several baiting
citations during the gun deer season. In addition, Price seized
deer and took enforcement action on hunters who harvested
antlerless deer in buck-only units. Other actions included failure
to wear a back tag while hunting and failing to immediately
validate and tag a fisher.

Warden Price responded to a complaint he received from a local
registration station of a subject who brought in a doe that was
shot in a buck-only unit. Price was informed that the hunter was
just going to bring the deer home and “take care of it.” Price
responded and found the deer still on the subject’s property. The
hunter was found to have shot the deer from his bathroom window
while the deer was feeding on over 5 gallons of shelled corn. Price
received another complaint from a registration station regarding
two antlerless deer that were harvested in a buck-only unit. Price
learned that the hunters were at a local processing center in Eagle
River. When contact was made with the hunters, the two deer were
seized and enforcement action taken.

Wardens Price and Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, assisted the
Minocqua Police Department with a bow hunter fatality. The case is
still under investigation as to whether the hunter fell from the
stand or had a medical condition that contributed to the hunter’s
death/fall. Price assisted the Vilas County Sheriff’s Department
with the search of a subject who had crashed his truck into a red
pine plantation near Minocqua. The driver was believed to be
operating while intoxicated.

Warden Mike Sealander, of St. Germain, reports that low deer
numbers and tranquil weather resulted in little activity in the St.
Germain area during the gun deer season. Very few complaints were
received in the area during the season and very few violations
noted in the field.

Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, and deputy warden Dan
Cardinal investigated a complaint of an illegal bridge obstructing
navigation across the Presque Isle River. The wardens photographed
the structure, which was actually a pier spanning the entire river,
preventing navigation. The wardens walked across to the other side
to investigate ATV tracks on Nature Conservancy property. While the
wardens were scouting the property, a subject at a nearby cabin
removed two sections of the illegal structure while the wardens
were on the other side. After a brief discussion, the subject
replaced the sections he removed and the wardens were able to cross
back over and speak to him about the violation. The subject’s
brother, who owned the property, was cited for obstructing
navigation and was ordered to remove the structure.

Warden Thole contacted an archery hunter in a ground blind on
state property. The subject left the tent blind on state land for
several weeks and was hunting over a small bait pile. The subject
told Thole he was hunting with a compound bow. Thole looked inside
the blind and located a loaded crossbow that the subject tried to
hide under a bow case. The subject had a compound bow with one
arrow inside the blind also, but told Thole he could not pull it
back and was going to shoot a deer with the crossbow. The subject
did not have authorization to hunt with a crossbow; enforcement
action was taken.

Warden Thole observed two duck hunters hunting on Boulder Lake
on the last night of the duck season. Thole watched the hunters
hunt past legal hunting hours and operate their boat back to the
landing in the dark without any boat lights displayed. Both
subjects were also hunting over a large amount of shelled corn that
was dumped in the water in front of where they were hunting over
decoys. The subjects admitted they knew the bait was there and
hunted over it on three separate occasions. Enforcement action was

Warden Thole and deputy warden John Preuss contacted a muskie
fisherman from Michigan fishing on Presque Isle Lake. The subject
had his livewell open and the wardens observed live ciscoes in it.
The subject stated that he and some local fishermen netted the
ciscoes from Island Lake. The subject stated that two nights prior
he and a friend netted some ciscoes from Island Lake and his friend
stored them alive in Carlin Lake. The subject then took the ciscoes
from Carlin Lake and used them for muskie bait on Presque Isle
Lake. Enforcement action was taken.

District 5 – Lower St. Croix area

Warden James Cleven, of Colfax, received a disposition from a
November 2008 case where the defendant was found guilty for
possession of an untagged bear. The defendant shot a large
hibernating bear in closed season. The defendant received a fine of
$4,155 and all DNR privileges were revoked for three years.

Warden Cleven and deputy warden Gary Schwoch worked the November
bow and deer gun seasons and issued citations for: hunting with
illegal deer baits; fail to remove tree stands on DNR lands daily;
and possession of loaded firearms in vehicles.

Warden Wayne Flak, of Menomonie, assisted deputies and responded
to a shooting complaint about 9 p.m. in Spring Brook Township and
found two young men who had an uncased shotgun and spotlight in the
vehicle. They stated they had shined a coyote and shot. Flak issued
citations for shining wild animals in possession of a firearm.

Warden Flak investigated the killing of a black bear after a
farmer, who was combining corn, got stuck in a hole that was
occupied by a hibernating bear. He then stated they had to shoot
the bear for safety concerns. An investigation found that the bear
may have been unnecessarily shot. Charges are pending.

Warden Flak observed a hunter sitting in his truck parked in a
field. It appeared the hunter had a rifle on his lap. Flak watched
as the truck traveled about 100 yards and stopped again. When Flak
approached the vehicle, the hunter had the gun pointed out the
driver’s door. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Flak also took enforcement actions on transporting loaded
and uncased firearms in vehicles, hunting with illegally place bait
and hunting without blaze orange.

In Pierce County, warden Brad Peterson investigated numerous
hunting complaints and took enforcement action on hunting with
illegal deer baits, illegal deer feeding and felon in possession of
a firearm.

Warden Peterson also assisted in an investigation where a house
was hit by a slug from a hunter shooting at a running deer.

Warden Paul Sickman, of Hudson, investigated a complaint with
water regulation staff dealing with an illegal grading and dredging
on the St. Croix River. Sickman took enforcement action on illegal
grading and will be seeking a restoration order.

Warden Sickman assisted the St. Croix County water patrol and
Hudson Police Department in a body recovery of a drowning victim in
the Hudson Marina.

Warden Sickman received information about a subject shooting two
turkeys and not tagging or registering the birds. The suspect did
admit to the violations and claimed two birds were killed with one
shot. The suspect had one tag and stated he was scared and did not
know what to do when two birds were shot. Instead of calling to
report the incident, he tried covered his violation. Enforcement
action was taken.

Warden Sickman assisted deputies in apprehending a suspect with
a felony warrant.

Warden supervisor David Hausman, of Baldwin, checked areas after
receiving complaints for illegal road hunting and archery hunting.
Hausman contacted one bow-hunter attempting to stalk some deer and
was found to not have a back tag. His tag and license was in
possession of someone else. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Hausman contacted two bow-hunters coming out of the woods
a couple of hours after the end of hunting hours. They were found
to be hauling a deer on a cart and had worked hard to recover the
deer. Unfortunately they failed to tag the deer and were found to
also not possess a valid tag for the zone they were in. Enforcement
action was taken.

Warden Bill Wrasse, of Durand, assisted warden Jumbeck, of Alma,
with an illegal unlicensed guide investigation in Buffalo

Warden Wrasse put down an injured deer and collected the head
for CWD testing.

Warden Wrasse issued citations for uncased or loaded weapons in

District 6 – Eau Claire area

While checking a hunter on private property, warden Scott
Thiede, of Eau Claire, did a mobile computer check and confirmed
that the man had a valid Illinois driver’s license. His Wisconsin
driver’s license record showed he moved out-of-state in 2004. The
nonresident hunter had continued to purchase resident deer hunting
licenses for six years. Enforcement action resulted in substantial
forfeitures and restitution for purchase of improper licenses.

While checking an area where he suspected hunting violations,
warden Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, noticed a hunter acting
suspiciously as he carried a tree stand, climbing sticks, and trail
camera. The man said that the stand and other equipment belonged to
him. Thomson identified the man and the equipment and talked to a
nearby landowner, where he learned that the stand had been stolen.
A sheriff’s deputy was contacted and the hunter admitted to
stealing the hunting equipment

On the opening day of deer season, warden Thomson and
recreational safety warden Bill Yearman observed a hunter sitting
on the side of a logging road with his deer rifle in a heavily
hunted public hunting area. Thomson noticed that the hunter had an
open can of beer. During the contact, the wardens determined that
the hunter was intoxicated. The hunter was arrested and transported
to the county jail where an alcohol test of his breath confirmed

On the second day of deer season, wardens Thomson and Yearman
received a call that three men had exited their truck with loaded
guns. The wardens stopped the vehicle after the close of hunting
hours and found the guns unloaded; however, there was an untagged
buck in the bed of the truck. Enforcement action was taken.

While working a night hunting complaint, warden Thomson and
environmental warden Brian Knepper, of Eau Claire, watched three
men shine and shoot a deer and load the deer into their truck. When
the wardens attempted to stop the truck, the suspects fled and were
finally apprehended by a Cadott police officer in Chippewa County
after a 17-mile pursuit.

Warden Thomson investigated a deer farm escape where a fence was
cut by an intruder, allowing 30 deer to escape – 17 of the 30 deer
were either captured or shot during the deer season.

Warden Cody Adams, of Chippewa Falls, investigated a complaint
of illegal baiting on private property and contacted the hunters as
they were in the stands. Adams found two men hunting over illegal
gravity feeders with bait in excess of two gallons. In addition to
taking enforcement action on the baiting violations, Adams also
contacted the sheriff’s department because the hunters were
trespassing on the property.

Warden Adams responded to multiple complaints throughout the
month of combines running over bear dens in corn fields. Due to wet
conditions, corn harvest was delayed and bears were denning up in
standing corn. One of the bears was crushed while it was still in
the den. In another instance, the bear had its head and paw
sticking out of the den, which had collapsed on the bear, pinning
it in its den. Adams and the farmer were able to pull dirt off of
the bear until it was able t

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