Southwest Region

Wildlife District Five (17 Southwest Counties) – More than 7,000
channel catfish were released in eight public lakes and wildlife
areas across southwest Ohio. The eight to 10-inch catfish were
raised at the St. Marys State Fish Hatchery and were released
during the week of September 21. The catfish stockings occur every
other year in these smaller lakes and ponds. Catfish reproduction
is often poor or nonexistent at these bodies of water. Previous
studies at other small lakes have shown that these stockings led to
significantly improved catch rates for catfish anglers. Catfish
will continue to bite well through November. Fish night crawlers or
minnows under a bobber in the deeper holes.

Locations and totals released include: Adams Lake, 932;
Tranquility Wildlife Area, 265; Indian Creek Wildlife Area, 408;
Darke Wildlife Area, 721; Spring Valley Lake, 2,652; Fallsville
Wildlife Area, 156; Oldaker Wildlife Area, 116 and Lake Loramie,

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