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Anglers fishing from shore at Vadnais Lake are catching crappies
and sunfish. Minnows and leeches are turning walleyes at Lake
Phalen and Jarvis Lake in 10 to 15 feet. There’s some evening
muskie action with topwater baits at Forest Lake and Bald Eagle
Lake. Work sucker minnows on Demonterville Lake for bass and White
Bear Lake for northern pike.

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Look to Hydes Lake and Pierson Lake for sunfish and crappies in
10 to 12 feet. Bass continue to hit spinnerbaits or plastics at
Pierson and Lake Bavaria. Sucker minnows are producing some pike on
the weedlines of Pierson as well. Walleye reports are limited, as
is action on the Minnesota River. Youth waterfowl day went well
with wood ducks, teal, and mallards in most bags and there has been
a few deer registered during the first week of the archery

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Topwater baits are turning bass along the reeds on the northwest
side of the lake or on the weedlines near Center Reef and North
Reef. Sunfish continue to be found along the weedlines and there
has been some muskie activity on Anderson’s Reef, Reinkie’s Reef,
and Center Reef during low-light periods. A few walleyes are being
taken on fathead minnows in 15 to 20 feet off Red’s Reef and Kegg’s

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