Powerton: Smallmouths fair on crankbaits and tubes. Some
smallmouths being taken with little jigs. A few channel catfish but
not very big. Asian carp are showing up in increased numbers in the
intake canal and throughout the lake, so beware. Flathead catfish
have gone deep.

Spring Lake: A few catfish on dew worms and shad. Bluegills fair
on wax worms off shore. Bass slow. Crappies biting on tube jigs at
the south end bays.

Lake Bloomington: Hybrid stripers are fair, with best action
early and just before dusk when fish are chasing shad on the
surface and hitting jigs or Roadrunners. Bass best on jigs,
chatterbaits and soft plastics off points with timber and along the
weeds in the evenings. Catfish are fair on dipbaits and crawlers.
Late evenings are best. Anglers are catching some crappies up to 12
inches in 12-18 feet of water. Drifting jigs is working best for
these suspended fish.

Lake Shelbyville: Bass have been good in shallows and coves.
Walleyes are good over newly covered rock and rip-rap. Crappies are
spotty. Muskies being caught in deeper waters.

Evergreen Lake: Crappies are fair in deeper water. Most are
being caught in 20 feet of water near the bottom with a jig and
minnow. Saugeye reports are few and far between. Most of the
saugeyes are being caught deep during the day and then as night
approaches they can be found on shallow flats and around points.
Bass fishing still remains fair with some keepers being reported.
Several large channel cats caught in the last few weeks. A 10-pound
channel was caught early in August on a piece of chicken liver
fished just off the bottom.

McClean County Parks Department

Clinton Lake: Catfish very good on guts, shrimp and shad. A few
crappies are being caught on jigs and minnows. White bass fair on
blade baits. Some walleyes on Big Dudes. Reports of hybrids and
walleyes below the spillway. Largemouths good on spinners,

Clinton Lake: Crappies are still biting in the evening times and
after dark. Good spots continue to be bridge and dock areas. Tube
jigs with or without a minnow best. The bass have picked up.
Fishermen are picking them up in the shallower areas on plastics
worked slowly. Bluegills are still biting very good as well.
Waxworms and redworms still best in shallow water structure.
Catfish are still biting pretty good, too. Cheese and stink baits
best in evening times, especially around cover and rip-rap.
Walleyes are slow.

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