Hayward Area

Most of the Upper Chippewa Basin received 1 to 2 inches of
much-needed rain, but it all seems to have soaked into the ground,
as river and lake levels continue to be low. Angling success
continued to be generally slow with the variable weather, with the
periodic rain showers and cold fronts also keeping fishing pressure
down a bit. Largemouth bass have been providing the most consistent
action. The best success has been coming from the thick cover – in
the wood, the thick lily pad beds, and under mats of vegetation.
Topwater baits and soft plastics have been the most productive
lures, and the key has been to work them slowly through the cover.
Smallmouth bass also seem to have reappeared on many lakes and
flowages in the area. Some nice fish have been caught on a slow
presentation of plastic finesse baits worked near cover in the 4-
to 8-foot depths.

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