Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Licensing and Social Security numbers

A few readers have expressed their disappointment at having to
provide their Social Security number in 2011 when the Division of
Wildlife institutes a new licensing system.

If you don’t remember, the division plans to go online with a
new licensing system in two years with the intention of
streamlining the game checking and licensing process. Included in
this plan is a provision that would require you to provide a Social
Security number to buy a license or tag with the new system, called
WOCRMS (Wild Ohio Customer Relationship Management System).

The moniker is certainly a mouthful, but beyond that there is a
sound reason behind the Social Security number requirement, says
Vicki Ervin, an assistant administrator for information and
education with the DNR Division of Wildlife. The federal government
requires those who apply for a recreational license to provide a
Social Security number, said Ervin.

Read more of this column in the Aug. 14 edition of Ohio Outdoor

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