Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Central Region

Central Region

Knox Lake (Knox County) – Largemouth bass are the most popular
game fish in this lake. Fishing with tubes, crankbaits, and spinner
baits around shoreline cover can be very productive this time of
year. Largemouth bass must be 18 inches or longer to keep. Crappies
are still being caught in 9 to 10 feet of water in the old creek
channel and next to deep wood. Channel catfish are being caught on
cut shad and shrimp.

Licking River (Licking County) – This river east of Columbus
provides fishing opportunities for flathead catfish, channel
catfish, carp, and smallmouth bass. Use live bait for flathead
catfish in pools around woody cover. Cut bait and night crawlers
fished on the bottom can be effective for catching channel catfish.
Carp can be caught throughout the river using prepared baits. For
smallmouth bass, use jigs, baits that imitate crawfish, or tube
baits, and fish areas with moving water around rocks and other

Deer Creek Lake (Fayette and Pickaway counties) – This
1,287-acre lake southwest of Columbus provides good largemouth bass
and crappie fishing. Fish shoreline cover and riprap for largemouth
bass; throwing creature baits, tubes, and crankbaits is popular.
When crappie fishing, use a minnow suspended under a bobber for
best results. Crappies must be 9 inches or longer to keep. When
fishing for catfish, using cut shad, shrimp, or catfish baits can
be productive.

O’Shaughnessy Reservoir (Delaware County) – Saugeye are being
caught by trolling worm harnesses and small crankbaits in the south
end of the reservoir. Bluegills are being caught in the north end
and on shallow flats of the lake on wax worms and nightcrawlers.
Largemouth bass are being found lake-wide around shoreline cover.
Also fish secondary points and riprap areas. Try crankbaits,
spinner baits, and tube baits in morning and evening for best

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