Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Southeast Region

Lake Hope (Vinton County) – Located in the Zaleski State Forest
region, this scenic lake can be fished from both shore and boat.
There is shoreline and boat access near the picnic and shelter
areas. Both bluegills and crappies can be caught on minnows or
worms. Late evening fishing for channel catfish should be done with
chicken liver fished with a sinker on the lake bottom. A variety of
artificial baits will catch bass in the one to one and a half-pound
size range.

Ross Lake (Ross County) – Bass fishermen should use a variety of
spinner baits or plastic baits. Bluegills can be caught on night
crawlers and red worms and channel catfish 12 to 15 inches in
length will hit on chicken liver or night crawlers.

Wills Creek Reservoir (Coshocton County) – Fishing in the
evenings for catfish in the spillway area below the dam is usually
productive for both channel cats and flathead using chicken livers,
night crawlers, and creek chubs fished tight-line. The tail water
area below Wills Creek Dam provides a great place for Saugeye
fishing. Saugeye concentrate just below the dam during high volume
water releases.

Division of Wildlife, District 4, 740-439-1427

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