Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Northcentral Region

Spring Creek (Centre County) – Good conditions prevailed midweek
and tan caddis and sulphurs were hatching along with sporadic midge
activity. Fish were rising to size 16 Tan Caddis and size 14 and 16
Sulphurs. Productive nymphs have included Pheasant Tails, Hare’s
Ears, Green Weenies, and Sulphurs.

Pine Creek, Little Pine Creek, Slate Run, Cedar Run (Lycoming,
Tioga counties) – Fluctuating water temperatures were putting fish
down mid-month but conditions were settling down around Memorial
Day. Rainfall brought up flow and temperatures were good. Hatches
included grey fox, sulphurs, march browns, a lot of caddisflies,
and blue-winged olives in the early morning.

Penns Creek (Union County) – Perfect water levels were reported
May 21. Tan/orange crane flies were hatching, although fish weren’t
taking them. Tan Caddis (sizes 14, 16) were the better bet, as were
sulphurs and march browns/grey fox (10, 14). A bounty of march
brown spinners were hovering over the riffles in the evenings and
returning to vegetation before dark. Hitting a march brown
spinnerfall is tough, but great for those who do. Egg laying caddis
and sulphur spinners also were seen in mid to late May. For more,

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