Nevada wildlife board sets hunt tag quotas

Reno, Nev. (AP) – Nevada wildlife commissioners have approved
fewer mule deer hunting tags than in years past because of drought
and other habitat conditions that have taken a toll on the state’s
deer herds.

But hunters this fall will see increased tags for other big game
species like elk and pronghorn antelope.

Commissioners authorized 16,626 mule deer tags overall, 354
fewer than last year. For the popular buck rifle hunt, 8,526
resident and 607 nonresident tags were authorized, a 6 percent drop
from last year.

For elk, commissioners set a quota of 2,894 tags, 268 more than

Antelope tags were increased by 275 to 2,703.

The tag application deadline was in April. Now that the number
of tags has been set, a lottery will be conducted to allocate

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