Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Most lakes should be completely open by this weekend. A handful
of anglers has started fishing the traditional bays and shoreline
areas that have already opened, but the bite was slow as of Tuesday
morning. Look for the bite to pick up by this weekend if the
weather warms.

Christopherson’s Bait and Tackle

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Crappie action has been consistent in shallow water with small
jigs and minnows. A few sunfish also have been taken on waxworms,
but most of them have been small. Lakes worth trying this week are
Clearwater, Sylvia, Sugar, Cedar, Pelican, and Pleasant in less
than six feet.

Little Jim’s Bait (320) 274-5297


The ice is going out very fast on all lakes thanks to some
strong wind early in the week. Although there hasn’t been any
open-water activity reported, there’s a good chance all lakes will
be ice-free by this weekend and the shallow panfish bite should
start shortly thereafter.

Ben’s Bait Shop (218) 864-5596


The shorelines on all lakes are now open and most ponds and bays
are completely ice-free. Look for the crappies to move into the
traditional spring spots within the next few days on many small

Bluewater Outdoors

(218) 444-BAIT (2248)


The ice is going out in a hurry. What remains is black and the
shorelines have started to open. With some warm weather or winds
like this area received early in the week, most lakes should be
completely open within the next week to 10 days.

Timberline Sports and Tackle

(218) 835-4636


As of Tuesday morning, there was more open water than ice
throughout the area. Even the big lakes should be completely open
within about the next week. A few crappies have been pulled from
open water at the ditch banks and Bar Harbor areas of Gull

S & W Bait/Nisswa Guide League (218) 829-7010


The main portion of the lake still had ice early in the week,
but it was going out in a hurry. The bays and shoreline areas were
open and many small lakes should be ice-free within the next

Sunset Cove Resort (800) 279-4831


Crappies and sunfish continue to be taken on small jigs tipped
with waxworms or minnows. Look to the shallows of South Center
Lake, the north end of North Center Lake, and the south end of
Chisago Lake for the best numbers of fish.

Frankie’s Bait (651) 257-6334


The big lakes still had ice on them early this week, while the
bays and small lakes have started to provide open-water
opportunities. The panfish bite has been limited, but should pick
up within the next week as the water warms.

Oars ‘n Mine Bait and Tackle (218) 546-6912


Many small lakes have opened and the bigger lakes were about 75
percent ice-covered earlier this week. The ice that remains is
black and floating so it shouldn’t take long to go out. By the
first part of next week, there’s a good chance all lakes will be

Crosslake Holiday Sports (218) 692-2708


The small lakes are open, but there is quite a bit of main-lake
ice on the bigger bodies of water. Even on those bigger lakes, the
shorelines have opened and the ice looks black so it should be gone
within the next week to 10 days.

Hilltop Sports (320) 749-2055


There was still ice on the bigger lakes, but it seems to be
going fast. Some of the small lakes, bays, and channel areas are
open so look to those to be the first spots that produce

Quality Bait and Tackle (218) 844-2248


The lakes really busted up this week – expect most lakes to be
completely open within a week. The only fishing to report is for
Kamloops at the mouths of the French and Lester rivers. The Lake
Superior Pier is giving up an occasional lake trout and crawlers
under slip bobbers are working best.

Chalstrom’s Bait (218) 726-0094


The channel on Briggs Lake continues to produce crappies via
minnows or small, plastic jigs. Look to the shallows of Little Elk
Lake for crappies as well. The north bay on Blue Lake and the
shoreline of Pelican Lake are kicking out crappies and sunfish in
less than five feet.

Tales and Trails Sport Shop (763) 856-3985


Crappies continue to be caught in the shallows and around docks
at Budd Lake, Hall Lake, and Lake Sissiton. Tuttle Lake and Fox
Lake also have produced some crappies with waxworms or minnows on
small jigs working on all lakes.

Hall Lake Cabins Bait & Tackle (507) 235-5225


The wind and cooler temperatures shut the panfish bite down
early this week. As soon as it warms it should pick up again with
lakes such as Roberds and Cedar being likely spots to check in
shallow water.

Nagel’s Live Bait (507) 334-8341


The ice is going out quickly – even on the big lakes. Most bays
and current areas were open early this week and the ice that
remained was black and floating so it should be out within the next
week to 10 days.

Ben’s Bait and Tackle (218) 326-8281


The ice is black and pulling away from the shores on all lakes.
The wind earlier this week took its toll on area lakes and it looks
as if the small lakes should be open within a week, while it may
take a few more days for the big lakes to open completely.

Swanson’s Bait and Tackle (218) 675-6176


The ice on most small lakes has been gone for about one week.
The ice on Osakis went out Monday night and by Tuesday morning a
few crappies had been caught in the far north bay. The bite has
been limited so look to the creeks mouths and shallow bays to start
producing panfish within the next week.

Fisherman’s Corner (320) 859-2181


The small lakes are open and the snow is gone. Vermilion still
has quite a bit of ice, but the bays are open so the lake should be
out very soon. With that stated, there hasn’t been much angling
action taking place. Look for the crappies to be shallow and the
suckers to be in the creeks soon.

Lake Vermilion Trading Company

(218) 666-6052


Crappie action continues to be strong on the west end of Lake
Francis, Baker’s Bay on Lake Washington and in the shallows of
German Lake throughout the day in less than six feet. At
Buckmaster’s Bridge on Madison Lake, there’s a decent crappie bite
during the evening hours in shallow water.

The Bobber Shop (507) 625-8228


There wasn’t a lot ice left earlier this week. The bays and
shorelines have opened and most lakes are expected to be completely
open by the middle of next week. Work the shallow bays on Big Sandy
Lake and Lake Minnewawa for crappies over the next two-week
stretch. Minnows and small jigs should work best in less than six

Willey’s Sport Shop (218) 426-3382


The MN/SD border walleye season started slow on Big Stone Lake.
The few fish caught on opening weekend came from shallow water
during the evening hours. This should continue to be the best
option until the water warms.

Bud’s Bait (320) 839-2480


Most lakes should be ice-free by this weekend or early next
week. It might take a few additional days for the area’s big lakes
to completely open. A few anglers have started fishing their
traditional spring crappie spots with little success. That could
change within a few days if the weather warms again.

Delaney’s (218) 732-4281


Hair jigs and fathead minnows are producing numbers of
good-sized walleyes and sauger on the Mississippi River. The mouths
of Hay Creek and Baypoint Park have been most productive in 12 to
15 feet. The dam area continues to produce fish in 18 to 25

Ike’s Bait and Tackle (651) 388-2111

Four Seasons Sports (651) 388-4334


The ice is starting to bust loose on all lakes. By this weekend,
most small lakes should be completely open and those traditional
spring panfish spots should start holding crappies.

Remer Trading Post (218) 566-2338


Crappies and sunfish are being caught in the shallow bays,
culvert, and bridge areas on Rice Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Cedar
Island Lake, and Lake Koronis. FluFlus or ice jigs tipped with
waxworms and minnows are working best in three to six feet during
midday and evening hours.

Mike’s Bait and Tackle (320) 453-2248


The lakes opened early this week and many bays have been open
since last weekend. Although there hasn’t been much of a panfish
bite to report, it should start picking up within the next few days
in most shallow areas.

Fletcher’s Bait (320) 352-2155


Crappies and sunfish have moved shallow on Lake Minnewaska.
Waxworms or minnows are turning fish in the Starbuck Marina and
Fish Hatchery_Bay. Look to the north end of Pocket Lake for
crappies in the shallows off County Road 4.

Minnewaska Bait and Tackle (320) 239-2239


The lagoon on Lake Tetonka continues to produce sunfish and
crappies. The area above the dam on the Cannon River is kicking out
crappies, sunfish, and white bass. Minnows or small jigs remain the
best options in both locations.

Axel’s Tackle Box (507) 362-4444


Crappie and sunfish action has been good with lakes such as
Florida, West Norway, Elkhorn, and Nest providing the most activity
in shallow water. Look to the bays or north ends of Diamond Lake,
Lake Andrew, and Games Lake to start producing fish more
consistently over the next few days.

Brad’s 71 Bait and Sports (320) 235-4097

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