Rock River (Oregon): Walleyes are good. Minnows are best, and
the top jig colors have been chartreuse, white and hot pink.
Catfish are biting on chicken livers and night crawlers.

At Dixon, walleyes are slow, but crappies are being caught in
weeds and brush.

Fox River: With the cold water, the river is very dangerous this
time of year for wading. Because of the recent rains, the river is
very dangerous. Wait until it subsides until you venture out. If
you go out, check the flows first. The smallmouth action can be
very good this time of year if you find some of the warm-water
discharges that are up and down the river. Fishing live minnows
with a small hook and a few split shot in the current can really
produce some nice fish. Remember to bundle up and be cautious when

There have been some reports of walleyes being taken near the
McHenry dam. Walleyes are on the move and are being taken on jig
and minnows in the warming hours of the day. Structure is key. Look
for the bridge pilings or wood that would warm up first. Fish are
being taken near the dams as well on jig and minnow combinations.
Be careful out there as the river is unpredictable and the current
is getting strong with the recent rains.


Illinois River: The Ottowa pool has started to produce a decent
sauger bite. Fish are being caught on jig and minnows as well as
pulling three-way rigs with stickbaits. Take caution this time of
year as the rivers flow can change quickly with the melting snow
and rains. This can be a very productive time, but you will want to
keep an eye on the flows and levels prior to your trip.

Above Starved Rock, sauger biting has slowed due to water

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