Thursday, January 26th, 2023
Thursday, January 26th, 2023

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TPWD Seeks Modest Increase to Licenses, Boat Fees

Austin, Texas – Most hunters, anglers and boaters in Texas could
see a modest $2-$4 bump in license and boat registration/titling
fees if a proposed 5 percent across-the-board increase is approved
in May by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says the fee increase is
necessary to address critical needs.

“As you know license fees were last increased in 2004 and prior
to that there had been no increase in eight years,” Gene McCarty,
TPWD’s deputy executive director for administration, told
commissioners. “Since that time, our operational costs have
increased an average of 6.1 percent, while our fund balances
continue to dwindle.”

McCarty said the department initially considered a 10-15 percent
increase, but scaled back due to the current economic downturn.

“Instead we are proposing a very slight increase of 5 percent
rolled up to the next dollar,” he explained. “This fee increase
will not create new programs or services. The last fee increase in
2004 was just enough to maintain current levels of service. This
increase will do the same. “

Under the proposed increase, hunting licenses would go from the
current price of $23 to $25, while the popular Super Combo
all-inclusive license would increase from $64 to $68. Fishing
packages would increase by $2. McCarty noted the cost for all of
the special endorsement stamps would not go up.

The vast majority of boat owners in Texas would also see only a
small increase in boat registration and titling fees under the
proposal. Biennial boat registration for vessels less than 16 feet
in length would increase from $30 to $32 and those in the 16-26
foot range would go from $50 to $53.

Two exceptions pertain to larger craft. Those vessels 26-40 feet
in length would increase by $40 and 40-foot-plus vessels would go
up by $110. These larger increases are necessary because the
department has been undercharging for these larger boats for many
years in comparison with smaller boats, especially when considering
the fee as a percentage of boat size and value.

A complete list of proposed fee changes can be found online at

The public is invited to comment on these proposals by visiting
the TPWD Web site or by writing TPWD Public Comment, attn. Robert
Macdonald, 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin, TX 78744 or email

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