Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Poor Steve Pollick

Poor Steve Pollick. He can’t seem to catch a break from the
column he wrote back in January, suggesting the DNR Division of
Wildlife scale back on the youth seasons a bit.

In case you missed it, our intrepid columnist, a veteran of more
than 30 years in the business, offered the suggestion that maybe
it’s time to recognize that dear old dad might just be squeezing
the trigger at junior’s big 12-pointer. You’ve all seen the
pictures – 7-year-old kid who’s only real concern in the world is
the Thomas the Train smiling toothily over a big bruiser that he’s
just “shot” on grandpa’s farm. That way, it gives pops the chance
to pop a second buck, eh?

So, why not discontinue the youth seasons and just let junior
hunt during the regular season with dad and grandpa? Pollick asked
our readers on Jan. 16.

“I suspect that most young hunters who participate in the
special seasons would be and are participating anyway in the
regular respective hunting seasons,” Pollick wrote. “Giving them
special treatment only clutters up an already cluttered schedule of
seasons and diverts energy, attention, and time away from running
the regular seasons.”

All of the foregoing is leading up to this: Pollick has been
vilified and pugilised with a few sprinklings of support mixed in.
Letters to the editor have been pouring in for the least three
months now, with the outpouring just now trickling to a seeming

We’re putting together the March 27 issue of Ohio Outdoor News
now, and in it includes the longest list of letters to the editor
in the 3-plus years we’ve been in publication.  A few take shots at
Pollick, while others line up to sound off on the proposal to
reduce the grouse bag by a day and eliminate February from the
hunt. The latter is just in front of the Ohio Wildlife Council’s
vote on April 2.

The letters are wonderful, and to this longtime newspaper scribe
they represent the best barometer of a publication’s health. When
the letters dry up, can you be sure anyone is reading? I just wish
this number of people would turn out to the annual open houses in
March. The Division of Wildlife reported just 414 visitors this
year, which was actually up by about 15 from 2008. Pollick writes
about it in this issue, and we’ve devoted nearly a full page to a
roundup of all of the comments received. Maybe it will generate
some more letters.

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