2009 Outdoor News Man of the Year

Outdoor News subscribers can read today about our 2009
Man of the Year: Garry Leaf.

He’s our 11th Man of the Year since we started the award in 1999
(Joe Duggan was the first recipient), and Garry is arguably the
most surprising pick we’ve ever made. Most folks who have won this
award (10 men, one woman) received it as almost a lifetime
achievement award after many years, or even many decades, of
service to the state hunting, fishing, and conservation scene.

Just three years ago, few people involved in outdoors issues
knew Leaf. Then he showed up at one of the organizational meetings
for the Duck Rally and never looked back. Though many people
deserve this award every year, Outdoor News simply
couldn’t ignore how Garry Leaf has dedicated his life the past
several years to making permanent funding for natural resources
happen. We feel confident in saying that the vote that created a
sales tax funding mechanism for natural resources on the Nov. 4,
2008 ballot would not have happened without the incredible efforts
of Garry Leaf.

Read Joe Albert’s complete profile of the man in this week’s
Outdoor News.

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