Wednesday, February 1st, 2023
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

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Ralph Loos

Illinois Editor

Dad the Farmer was looking high and low for a new corn planter
recently, which seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to
introduce him to this brand new thing called “The Internet.”

I Googled the make and model he desired and waved him over to
the computer.

Dad the Farmer, who is pushing 66 – or pulling 65, depending on
how you look at it – glanced at the screen filled with dozens of
listings for the exact planter he’d spent weeks searching for on
auction bills and trade magazines. Dad the Farmer adjusted his
glasses, briefly scanned the computer listings and let out a
dismissive, “Pppfffffhhh.” Never one to shy away from giving his
opinion, Dad the Farmer grumbled, “I’ll stick with ink on

Between he and New Media, there was definitely no love

I share this story only because I’m here to introduce you to It’s
the latest offering by our Outdoor News crew. Those of you who
utilize the Internet probably are already familiar with, the
companion site to the publication you are currently reading. That
site, which features news specifically for Illinois hunters,
anglers and all other outdoorsfolk, has undergone improvements,
with regular updates and “breaking news flashes,” as we call it in
the biz.

Lately, there’s been no shortage of news in Illinois.

In fact, the value of having a companion Web site has been
vindicated several times in recent weeks. Back in January, only
hours after the Jan. 23 issue had been sent to press, then-governor
Rod Blagojevich named Kurt Granberg as the new DNR director. It was
too late to get the news in the print edition, but the story was
immediately posted to

The same thing happened shortly thereafter when Blago was
impeached, Pat Quinn was sworn-in, Granberg was fired and Marc
Miller took over DNR.

Whew. Welcome to Illinois!

Anyway, our new site,, is designed
to give Illinois sportsmen and women a look at what’s going on in
the outdoors world – everywhere else in the world.

For Illinoisans, we bill ourselves as your No. 1 source for
hunting- and fishing-related news and information. With writers up
and down the state, Illinois Outdoor News compiles the most
in-depth news, conservation opinion writing, and tackle and
technique features.

For outside information, check out

You probably noticed some changes to your print version of
Illinois Outdoor News, too. We’ve added some features to the cover
that will help guide you to the stories inside each issue. I hope
you like it.

As promised, I’ve also started to build up the fishing report.
As soon as things begin to warm up, you’ll start to see a greater
number of lakes and rivers in the report, along with helpful tips
for each specific body of water.

Lastly, I want to again say, “thanks for reading.” And don’t be
afraid to speak up. You know how to get me (866-923-6641 or

And don’t be afraid to share your opinions. Dad the Farmer sure

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