Lancaster County poachers caught in Dauphin County

Reading – Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation
Officers (WCOs) filed charges against Shane Shue and Jeffrey
Trogdon, both of Lititz, Lancaster County, for killing three deer
at night and attempting to kill a fourth on Swatara Road in Derry
Township, Dauphin County, on Jan. 10 and 17.

On Jan. 12, Game Commission officers discovered a dead deer in a
field along Swatara Road.  A second deer was found the next day, a
short distance away.  Examination of the deer indicated they had
been killed with a .257 caliber rifle during the previous

The following weekend, Game Commission officers staked out the
road and observed a truck spotlighting the fields shortly after
midnight, and then witnessed a passenger fire a shot from the
window at a group of deer grazing in the field.

“When the vehicle was stopped, we discovered Shue and Trogdon in
the truck, with a spotlight and loaded rifle,” said Dauphin County
WCO Mike Doherty.  “Two young boys, who were not charged, were in
the back seat.”

Bloodstains were found on the bed and sides of the truck, and
evidence was found to link the men with the two deer killed and
left to rot the previous weekend. When confronted with the
bloodstains, the men admitted that they had killed another deer and
had taken it home to be butchered.

Shue also admitted to killing a button buck without a license
during the archery deer season.

“When asked why the two young boys were with them, Shue said
that they ‘just wanted to show them some deer,’” WCO Doherty

Officers seized two rifles and two spotlights, as well as nearly
50 pounds of frozen deer meat from Shue’s freezer. Under current
law, the rifles and spotlights will be returned to the violators. 
However, thanks to Harold Daub, a Game Commission volunteer
Hunter-Trapper Education instructor, and friends, the meat is being
prepared into venison jerky, and will be sent to U.S. troops
serving overseas.

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