Illinois man bids $245,000 for Montana hunting license

Helena, Mont. (AP) — An Illinois man who owns a chain of
sandwich shops has paid $245,000 for a license to hunt a bighorn
sheep in Montana.

The license was auctioned at the Wild Sheep Foundation’s
convention in Salt Lake City last weekend. The Wyoming-based
foundation would not release the name of the winning bidder, who is
from Champaign, Ill.

The sale brought $50,000 more than last year’s auction of a
Montana sheep license. The record price was $310,000 in 1994.

Also at the Wild Sheep Foundation Convention and the Western
Hunting and Conservation Expo, a Whitefish hunter paid $10,000 for
a Montana mountain goat license and the Mule Deer Foundation sold a
Montana mule-deer license for $8,500.

Montana offers the special licenses annually and receives 90
percent of the auction proceeds, which are designated for species
management. The auctioning organization receives the rest.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will auction a Montana elk
license and moose licenses at the organization’s Elk Camp &
Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Expo scheduled for March 5-8 in Fort
Worth, Texas.

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