Elk, deer habitat in north-central New Mexico to be protected

Cuba, N.M. (AP) — The Bureau of Land Management and The Trust
for Public Land have announced a 2,240-acre area that is a crucial
winter range for big game will be protected.

The Elk Springs property is located south of Cuba in northern
New Mexico. It’s valued at 1.6 million dollars.

BLM State Director Linda Rundell says the property provides
forage for deer and elk and is an alternative to private hay fields
around Cuba.

Rundell says the acquisition helps complete the 9,485-acre Elk
Springs Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

Funds to buy the property from the Read family came from the
Federal Land Transactions Facilitation Act. The law allows receipts
from lands sold by the BLM to be used to buy private holdings
within national parks, forests and BLM conservation areas.

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