Vermont Moose Hunting Applications Are Available

Waterbury, VT – Vermont moose hunting permit applications are
available on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department’s website
( and at license agents statewide.

On Fish & Wildlife’s website, look under “Hunting and
Trapping,” and then click on Lottery Applications.

Lottery applications are $10 for residents and $25 for
nonresidents. The deadline to apply is June 2.

Winners of the permit lottery will purchase resident hunting
permits for $100 and nonresident hunting permits for $350. Hunters
also will have the option to bid on five moose hunting permits in
an auction to be announced later.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department will propose a
regulation including permit numbers for the hunting season at a
February 18th meeting of the Fish & Wildlife Board. Vermont
issued 1,251 permits in 2008, and hunters took 605 moose in the
2008 hunting season. Proposed 2009 hunting season dates are October
17-22, or October 24 through November 1.

“We expect to recommend a number of permits similar to last
year,” said Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Wayne Laroche, “but
permit allocations will not be finalized until a regulation is
adopted in early summer. We are making the applications available
now for hunters’ convenience. If you are concerned about making
Wildlife Management Unit choices before permit numbers are set, you
may want to wait to apply.”

“We are managing Vermont’s moose population to keep it in
balance with available habitat,” said Cedric Alexander, Vermont’s
lead biologist on moose. “Carefully constructed hunting regulations
enable us once again to enjoy having moose in Vermont on a
sustained basis, while their numbers are maintained at levels that
fit habitat capacity and the needs of people.”

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