Thursday, January 26th, 2023
Thursday, January 26th, 2023

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Dean Bortz

Wisconsin Editor

CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Nania and George Meyer (see front page
article in this issue) on the recognition of their conservation
efforts by Outdoor Life. Wisconsin has always had a tradition of
its citizens working hard on behalf of its natural resources, and
Jeff and George are two more examples of that tradition

HOAX, HOAX, HOAX. When it comes to mountain lions, bears,
wolves, and moose, the internet seems to be full of faked e-mails.
And, as in the past, most of the viewers swallow the hoax hook,
line, and sinker. Don’t believe everything that arrives in your
e-mail “in box.” Several mountain lion images that were circulating
e-mail chains recently showed three glowing-eyed cougars huddling
around a white-tailed deer carcass. All of the e-mails I received
said the photos were captured by a trail camera in Buffalo or
Trempeauleau counties. Something smelled fishy right off the

One of the lions had a yellow tag in its ear. The truth was
learned by Wisconsin Outdoor News contributor Curt Wells, who lives
in North Dakota. He discovered that the photos showed three
mountain lions in the Black Hills. A source with North Dakota Game
and Fish already had investigated the images, and a yellow ear tag
in one lion – courtesy of South Dakota mountain lion researchers –
along with the pine trees in the images, gave it away. Bottom line:
great shots, but those big cats were right where they are supposed
to be – in South Dakota. The photos of an adult female cougar and
what appear to be her nearly grown cubs were collected by Dan and
Arlette Schweitzer, of Keystone, S.D., on Oct. 9, 2008. They were
feeding on a white-tailed deer killed by the cougars near the
Schweitzer property just west of Hayward, S.D., and about 4 miles
east of Keystone.

Cougar researcher Brian Jansen, of South Dakota State
University, believes she was a study animal that had slipped her

REMEMBER THAT THE BEAR AND TURKEY application deadline is Dec.
10. Hunters may submit applications by mail, or apply via the
internet through the DNR’s online licensing center at You also may apply by
calling toll free at (877) WI LICENSE (945-4236), or pick up
applications at any license sales locations. For more information
on both activities, please see Page 5 of this issue for an update
on black bear tags, and Page 7 for a rundown on 2009 spring turkey

LAKE WINNEBAGO sturgeon spearers bought 9,596 licenses for the
2009 spearing season. That number is up considerably from the 8,782
licenses sold for the 2008 season. There were 4,031 upriver lakes
applications sold this year.

CAN’T FIND A BIG BUCK? Go for a ride. A big car-killed buck in
eastern Fond du Lac County had a 10-point rack that taped at 211/2
inches between the beams.

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