Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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SUMMER DEER OBSERVATIONS are needed by student members of The
Wildlife Society at UW-Stevens Point. This effort began following
an independent audit of the DNR’s sex-age-kill (SAK) method of
estimating deer numbers. The auditors suggested the DNR try to
increase its summer deer observations, which play a role in the
final SAK outcome. In an attempt to gather more of that
information, UW-Stevens Point students will begin their own summer
deer observations this month by driving through – or flying over –
several deer units. Wildlife management student Adam Murkowksi, of
Marathon, is working on this effort. He said the Wisconsin Civil
Air Patrol will help students run aerial observations in six units
– 18, 38, 33, 55, 61, and 64. It will cost about $4,500 (heavily
discounted) to conduct those flights, and Whitetails Unlimited has
donated $500 toward that cause. Murkowski said any other donations
would be gladly accepted. Students also are running ground
observations in the same units.

Murkowski said citizens statewide may get involved in the
project by submitting their summer deer sightings (for any unit)
through a Web site set up specifically for this project.UW-Stevens
Point student Ryan Scott built the site. Citizens can learn more
about the project, and enter their deer sightings, at the following
Web site link:

IN THE MIXED BAG segment on Page 5 of this issue, readers will
see that DNR Secretary Matt Frank has named volunteers to a
“recreational access committee” that is charged with reviewing
access requirements for public lands bought with Stewardship Fund
money. Access to these lands became a stormy issue when the fund
was renewed in the latest state budget. Readers who go the Web site
will see that sportsmen are well represented on this committee.
Some of the names are going to be familiar to you: George Meyer,
Jeff Nania, and Sandy Heidel, for instance.

George, Jeff, and Sandy have worked hard to ensure that Gov. Jim
Doyle and the DNR do not forget that sportsmen play a huge role in
conservation in this state. They should be on this committee, but
they certainly won’t be alone. Unless you follow the Conservation
Congress closely, you probably haven’t heard of Larry Bonde, of
Manitowoc. Well, Larry was named to the committee, too, and he will
represent us well. Pheasants Forever’s Jeff Gaska is on the
committee, as is John Irwin, of the Wisconsin Trappers Association.
It’s good to see the WTA represented on this committee. Trout
Unlimited and the National Wild Turkey Federation also are
represented. I don’t know all of the conservation personalities
named to the committee, but if they represent sportsmen’s interests
to the degree that Sandy, Jeff, George, and Larry have done in the
past, and will continue to do, we should be in good shape.

JANE WILEY AND JONATHON ELA may have prevented fellow Natural
Resources Board members Dave Clausen and Duke Welter from pulling
what will become known as a “Dan Meyer.” When Clausen and Welter
pushed hard at the June 25 board meeting for a new trout-fishing
rule on the Prairie River – something they wanted implemented post
haste – Ela and Wiley said the NRB would be trying to cross a
bridge already burned by Meyer with his failed muskie and bass
rules. They said the board should allow the rule process to work
its way through the Congress and the DNR.

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