Chain: Walleye action hot and heavy around current areas,
bridges and shallows. Walleyes have been biting on minnows and
nightcrawlers in afternoon. Bass and bluegills are either on their
beds or getting there. Muskie have been spotty.

Triangle Sports: Antioch (847) 395-2430

Shabbona: According to Jay Angel, water temps have reached 70
degrees. Bass fishing is fair to good. Bass are being caught on the
inner weedlines by anglers using soft plastics and topwater lures.
Bass are also being caught on the dam face using crankbaits and
soft plastics. Crappies are still spawning. Crappie fishing is
good. Look for them on the south end of the lake in the near shore
waters. Crappies have all but moved out of the no-motor zone and
are relating to the fish cribs and deeper timber of the north end
of the lake. The spawn is just about over. Walleye fishing could be
considered fair. Walleyes have been caught over the rockpiles on
the roadbed by anglers using crawlers. They have also been caught
along the shallower weed edges using shallow running crankbaits and
rattle traps.

Braidwood: Good bass fishing at Mazonia lakes, but clear water
can make for tough fishing. Braidwood is into the 90s on the hot
side, 70s on the cool end. Catfish and bluegills biting fair on
worms and nightcrawlers.

Triangle Sports: Antioch (847) 395-2430

LaSalle: Largemouth bass in the 12- to 15-inch range are good
along the banks and the bigger bass are holding deep with many
small bass suspended in the discharge canal. The smallmouth are
slow. Some drum and catfish are being caught on crankbaits, with a
few real nice blue catfish being landed.

Hennepin-Hopper: Hennepin Hopper Lake is located just south of
the town of Hennepin. You may not launch a boat that has a gasoline
powered motor on it. You may only fish it on Fridays and Saturdays.
According to Jay Angel, crappies are in the timber and biting on
Mini Mites. Use small bobbers and keep moving until you find the
fish. The crappies will remain in the timber until they are done
spawning. Bass are also in the timber. Use Texas-rigged ribbon tail
worms in the timber. You will also find bass in the canals. In the
canals use either jig and pig or wacky rig. As the summer heats up,
northern pike fishing will improve. Use large Mepps spinners in the
timber for best results.

Heidecke: Walleye action still strong. Drifting minnows or
leeches on the bottom is most productive. Water as warm as 67
degrees. Algae bloom that makes for tougher fishing.

Lake Michigan (Chicago Area): Good perch fishing at Montrose
with minnows. Perch in and out around other harbors; large fatheads
are working best. Smallmouth hot downtown. Good bite for coho and
lake trout and a few browns and kings in 75-85 feet off Edgewater.
Off Evanston, some coho and kings in 60 feet off the bank.

Henry’s Bait and Tackle in Chicago (312) 225-8538

Lake Michigan (Waukegan): Perch being caught south of Waukegan
harbor, jumbos deeper. Salmon good, mostly coho and some kings.
Coho, kings, steelhead and lakers caught out of North Point.

Henry’s Bait and Tackle in Chicago (312) 225-8538

Apple Canyon Lake: A few crappies are biting on minnows and
waxworms. Bluegill taking same bait but bass starting to come alive
and pick off bait.

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