Marinette Area

Bluegill, perch, and crappie action was spotty last week. Perch
action at Lock and Dam No. 9 was spotty, with some anglers catching
a few decent fish using a chunk of crawler. Angers are using a
piece of crawler fished off the bottom to catch perch. Bluegill
action in the area of the dam is picking up, too. Crappies have
been taken in the slack backwater areas. Crappies have been biting
some days on small minnows or jigs. Fishing at Cold Spring was
slow, with a few reports of bluegill action. Bluegills and crappies
were being taken there on occasion. Anglers have been targeting the
shallows because the receding water and warmer temperatures are
causing the bluegills and crappies to head into those areas. The
boat ramp at Cold Spring is in good shape. The Ambro Slough complex
is starting to get fished a bit more now that the water has come
down. There has been some bluegill action in the backwaters in Fish
Lake and in the Doubles. Sturgeon Slough did not see much activity
because the water is still moving through that area. Horseshoe Lake
is starting to produce bluegills. Spring Lake was slow. Bluegills
were being found in the shallows, on garden worms or pieces of
crawler. Fishing for sauger and walleyes was pretty good last week.
Many anglers were targeting wing dams, slough closures, and main
channel ’Äúflats.’Äù Some nice catches were taken this past week by
anglers drifting leeches or crawlers, or trolling with crankbaits.
The Roseau Slough area and the S curve by Harper’Äôs Ferry have
produced fish.

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