Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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A short visit to the Alexandria area this weekend revealed what
I already had known but what disappointed me nonetheless: The lake
is still locked with ice. A quick check of the calendar shows April
21 was the first day I was on the water in 2007 and I remember it
like yesterday: Bright sunny skies, slack winds, and temperatures
in the high 70s. The crappies were decidedly less cooperative, but
it really didn’t matter. Who knows when I’ll be on open water this

– The death of 8-year-old Hunter Klaseus in a turkey hunting
accident last weekend near Belle Plaine is one of the most tragic
stories I’ve ever covered. It reinforces the need to always
identify what you’re shooting at before shooting, but also how
precious life is and how everything can change in an instant.

– Attended “spring cleaning” at the deer shack last weekend and,
as usual, learned plenty about this and that. One thing,
especially: Now’s a great time to be in the woods. I walked around
the area I deer hunt to familiarize myself further with the woods
and am sure it will pay dividends this fall.

– Which reminds me: Last time I wrote a column that included
anecdotes from my own hunt, I attempted to explore the role
technology plays – or doesn’t play – and shortly thereafter
received a scathing letter accusing me and other outdoor writers of
not writing about the negatives of technology because we all
receive products for free and don’t want to jeopardize that. At
least here at Outdoor News, and at other papers, I assume, the idea
is so wrong it’s laughable. It’s a common misconception but,
frankly, it isn’t the truth.

The letter itself was an anti-technology diatribe and, expect
for the shots at me personally, I actually agreed with the letter
writer. With a few exceptions, like a depth finder and trolling
motor, I like my fishing and hunting to be as low-tech as

– As quickly as the legislative session began in February,
things sure are moving slowly now. While a dedicated funding
question will be on the ballot this fall, still undone – with less
than four weeks remaining in the session – are a game and fish
bill, a council to advise on dedicated funding expenditures, and a
supplemental budget bill to plug a $1 billion budget deficit.

– We’ll continue to follow the lead-in-venison story, and the
results of the investigation – is it a lead ammunition problem, or
a processing problem – will be worth paying attention to.

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