Erie perch change takes effect July 1

Columbus – A split bag limit for yellow perch on Lake Erie will
take effect July 1, according to the DNR Division of Wildlife.

The Ohio Wildlife Council in early April approved the change to
a 25-perch bag in waters west of Huron; the daily bag remains at 30
in Ohio waters east of Huron.

“Where you land makes all the difference,” said Division of
Wildlife Chief Dave Graham. “People have to remember that (perch)
can be creeled on the water. If you’re on the water (west of
Huron), you’ll have to be cognizant of how many fish you have.”

The bag limit reduction comes in the wake of a lakewide perch
catch reduction as set forth by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission,
which manages sport fish populations.

Other changes to this year’s fishing regulations were also voted
on by the wildlife council in April:

€ Approved a reduction in the statewide daily bag limit for
muskellunge from two fish to one.

€ Allowed access to several public lakes to motorboats greater
than 10 horsepower as long as they operate at idle speed. These
lakes include Knox Lake in Knox County, Lake La Su An in Williams
County, Oxbow Lake in Defiance County, and Rupert Lake in Vinton

“What we’re trying to do is allow (bass anglers) to get on some
of our better and smaller (bass) systems without completely losing
that family friendly atmosphere of these lakes,” Ray Petering, the
Division of Wildlife’s fisheries administrator, has said. “A quiet,
peaceful setting is a pretty valuable experience.”

€ Allowed 10-horsepower motors on Greenfield Lake and Rockmill
Lake in Fairfield County, and Zepernick Lake in Columbiana County.
Each of those lakes are smaller than 20 acres.

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