Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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CFAB chair: Vacancies hurting N.Y. sportsmen

Albany – The recent departure of the Conservation Fund Advisory
Board’s representative from Region 3 has the board down two of its
members, and the board’s chairman said the vacancies have hurt the
flow of information to and from sportsmen.

The biggest problem has been the absence of a CFAB
representative from Region 7. Craig Tryon, who was Region 7’s board
member, resigned last June, and Gov. Eliot Spitzer has not
appointed a replacement despite the fact a number of qualified
candidates have made it clear they’d serve, said CFAB Chairman
Charlie Hancock.

Regional representatives serve a crucial purpose as a conduit of
information between CFAB and sportsmen in each county. They are

“The problem is that region (Region 7) does not have any
representation at the state level,” Hancock said. “The board member
is a source of information for each region. When you don’t have
one, it’s serious.”

Hancock said it was unclear why Spitzer had not chosen someone
to replace Tryon, but that he’d been told there was a logjam of
appointments to a number of boards and agencies.

Spitzer’s office could not offer an explanation for the delay as
of press time. But Michael Whyland, a spokesman for the governor,
said an appointment was expected soon for the Region 7 slot.

Hancock said he did not believe the other seat would be vacant
for nearly as long, because the Region 3 spot is to be filled by
the Assembly Minority Leader, upstate Republican James Tedisco.

A vacancy for Region 5’s representative on the board lingered
for little more than a few weeks last year before Tedisco named
Saratoga County resident Jason Kemper to fill the seat vacated by
former CFAB Chairman Robert Monacchio last summer.

“I suspect a replacement for Wally (John) will move faster,”
Hancock said. “I’ve been told there are several names already of
people who are qualified.”

Hancock said a number of people have also volunteered to replace
John, a longtime member of the board who announced last month that
he is leaving because he has accepted a job with the state
Department of Environmental Conservation.

Each of the state’s 9 DEC regions has a representative, and CFAB
also has a member from both the New York State Fish and Wildlife
Management Board and New York State Conservation Council.

CFAB’s function is to make recommendations to appropriate state
agencies on plans, policies and programs affecting fish and
wildlife, according to the DEC’s website. The board does this by
reviewing proposed and final allocations and expenditures of the
Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources.

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