Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Court values for most all species go up with signing

By Mike


Columbus – A proposal that could potentially increase the amount
of fines poachers pay for illegally killing trophy deer passed one
house of the Ohio General Assembly before summer recess.

The House of Representatives passed its version of the bill,
which would increase the value of trophy deer in Ohio courts. The
Senate is expected to consider it this fall.

In coordination with the trophy deer legislation, the DNR
Division of Wildlife increased the value of most other animal
species in Ohio, both fish and game. That change did not require
regulatory approval.

Under the proposal passed by the Ohio Wildlife Council in July,
the value of a bald eagle or peregrine falcon, for example,
increases from $1,000 to 2,500. That means that someone convicted
of poaching one of those species faces restitution penalties of
$2,500 in addition to court costs and other fines.

Probably the biggest jump was the value of the river otter,
which has been the subject of a long-term reintroduction program
with the first trapping season coming just two years ago. The value
of a river otter was increased from $50 to $500 under the new

Values for 26 other species are also re-evaluated and not all of
them increased. The value for antlerless white-tailed deer, for
example, decreased from $500 to $400. That has to do with the
relative abundance of doe deer in Ohio, said Jim Lehman, the
Division of Wildlife’s law enforcement administrator.

‘The unique thing about this is that it represents real values,’
he said.

The new values still must be reviewed and passed by the General
Assembly’s Joint Commission on Agency Rule Review.

The other value changes are as follows:

The following increased in value from $1,000 to $2,500:
Trumpeter swan, timber rattlesnake, massasauga rattlesnake,
peregrine falcon, and bald eagle.

Wild turkey increases from $300 to $500.

Antlered deer, other than trophy deer, increase from $400 to

The following increased in value from $10 to $50: Walleye,
sauger, largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, brown trout, northern
pike, saugeye, flathead catfish, smallmouth bass, striped bass,
muskie, and steelhead trout.

The value of all other species classified as ‘threatened’
dropped from $1,000 to $750.

All other non-game birds were increased in value from $25 to

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