Anglers switching to summer tactics, fishing spots


The fish moved closer to shore last week, close enough for pier
fishermen to score on salmon and trout with spoons off the Algoma
piers. Trollers also found some fish in the shallower water, but
most boats were were running 2 to 4 miles off shore, fishing mainly
chinooks, with a few rainbows, cohos, and lakers mixed in. Much of
the action was coming in the 30- to 80-foot range.

Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce hotline, (800) 626-3090.

Billy Goat Bait, (920) 487-9710.

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Lake trout fishing has been very good around the Apostle
Islands. Trollers also have found some very big browns around
islands. The mayfly hatch is occurring on Chequamegon Bay, so
fishing was a little slow last week. Action will pick up as soon as
the hatch ends. Smallmouth fishing is still very good, but the fish
are moving from the sloughs to deeper water, so anglers are going
to have to hunt for them.

Angler’s All, (715) 682-5754.

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Anglers are finding big bluegills on Beaver Dam Lake in very
shallow, weedy areas. Go in slowly and quietly. The yellow perch
bite also is very good, but because the lake is 14 miles long, you
have to move around until you find schools in the deeper parts of
the lake. Anglers also are catching a few walleyes longer than the
18-inch limit but mostly at night.

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Anglers are finding a lot of bluegills over the weeds, and lake
trout fishing has been pretty good in 80 to 120 feet of water. A
few browns are starting to appear with the lakers. Anglers are also
starting to catch a few more muskies. The biggest reported so far
was a 48-inch fish. A 51-inch muskie was released by a tip-up
fisherman during the winter. Most of the guys are catching them by
accident – there hasn’t been a big enough population to target, but
guys are now seeing more muskies. Smallmouth fishing has been good
to great, depending on the day.

North Bay Sport & Liquor, (920) 294-6462.


Northern pike have been offering the best action lately, with a
33- and 39-incher coming in last week from Pokegama Lake. Most of
the pike are coming from shallower weed beds. Crappies are hitting
like crazy, but you have to get past the smaller fish in shallower
water – or near the surface – before you find the bigger crappies
closer to the bottom. Walleyes have been hitting on Pokegama and
Chetek, mostly by jigging or trolling. A number of the walleyes
have been running to the small side, but some nicer fish up to 7
pounds are being caught in between.

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The area is seeing strong bass, northern pike, bluegill, and
perch action, with a moderately good muskie and walleye bite. The
summer season has made things a bit harder, but if an angler is
willing to work, there are still some very good fishing
opportunities. The bass fishing remains strong with smallmouths in
deeper water with rocky features. Plastics, crawlers, and leeches
are catching fish, while jigging. Crankbaits bounced through the
rocks also are getting some nice smallies. Largemouths are working
the weeds for food. Use a spinnerbait, Jitterbug, or Timberdoodle.
Pike are still weed related and hitting strong, with lots of fish
in the lower 30-inch range. Bluegills and perch are doing well in
mid-lake areas with weeds. These fish are schooling more now and
are mobile. Walleyes are back on a normal feeding pattern after the
mayfly hatch – fish weed edges with fatheads for eaters, and move
to deeper bars and use crawlers or large leeches for bigger fish.
Muskie action has been moderate to strong lately, with a number of
fish being seen, most in the low/mid 40-inch range. Mud, weeds, and
smaller bucktails and spinnerbaits are key right now. Topwaters in
‘skinny water’ are beginning to show promise as well.

Eagle Sports Center, (715) 479-8804.

Guides’ Choice, (715) 477-2248.


Smallmouths and largemouths have been providing the best action
the past week or so, with muskie action improving. The walleyes are
moving to deeper water on the bigger lakes, but you can still find
them in the wood on the flowages.

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The bluegill action has been pretty good around the islands on
Lake Onalaska. If you can find some sand bottom near the sailboat
club, you will find some big yellow perch. Fish right off the
bottom with a hook, crawler and small split shot – no bobber. The
perch are running up to 13 inches. The bluegills are suspended in 3
to 5 feet of water on Lake Onalaska. Use waxies and a rocker jig.
Guys are catching some crappies on Little Cecils in the ‘dredge
hole’ on Onalaska, and in the backwaters next to the snags.

Schafer’s Boats, (608) 781-3100.

Bob’s Bait & Tackle, (608) 782-5552.


Sheboygan shore anglers were catching a few browns on spoons,
but trollers have had to work hard to find fish. Trout and salmon
last week were scattered in 80 to 165 feet of water.

At Port Washington, shore anglers were catching a few yellow
perch, but trout and salmon shore fishing was slow. Trollers were
catching a mixed bag of fish in 80 to 100 feet, with rainbows and
cohos near the top, and chinooks closer to the bottom.

At Milwaukee, shore anglers were catching perch off the McKinley
pier. Trollers were catching a mixed bag of trout and salmon off of
the filtration plant in 140 feet, or deeper.

In Racine, perch fishing from shore was slow, but boat anglers
were catching a few fish at the bubbler on minnows and crab tails.
Trollers were catching more chinooks and fewer cohos, mostly on
spoons in the 100-foot range.

Kenosha anglers were finding some brown trout action in the
harbor, mostly on white tube jigs and on spoons. Anglers were
catching perch at the bubbler and breakwater. Trollers were finding
improved action in 80-120 feet of water.

DNR hotline, (414) 382-7920.

Smokey’s Bait Shop, (262) 691-0360.

Dick Smith’s Bait Shop, Delafield, (262) 646 2218.


Walleye fishing on Lake Winnebago continues to be good with the
usual methods, such as trolling crankbaits or crawler harnesses.
However, jig fishing and slip bobber fishing with leeches around
reeds seems to be improving. Yellow perch are starting to show up,
with reports of the numbers being a little better on the east
shore. Catfish action is picking up on the Fox River, and there are
even some reports of walleyes still coming back down. Bluegill
fishing is pretty good on the bays of the upriver lakes.

Fox River Bait, (920) 233-7409.

Kiesow’s Landing, (920) 836-2590.


Perch fishing has been pretty good in about 18 to 20 feet on
live bait. The bluegills are in weeds in 7 to 8 feet of water. Bass
fishing just started taking off, mostly on plastic worms skipped
under the piers. Muskie fishing had been a little slow, but the
action picked up around the Fourth of July.

The Landing, (920) 398-2620.


Smallmouth bass and yellow perch are biting on Lake Mendota. In
the morning, you can fish deeper for perch, but as the sun comes
up, move to deeper water. Move out about 10 feet for every hour.
Reverse the movement in the afternoon. At dusk you will find them
at 11 to 14 feet, depending on where the weed edge tapers. Lakes
Monona and Waubesa are producing some muskies. Lake Kegonsa has
given up some good walleye and panfish catches.

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Anglers have been having excellent action 50 to 100 feet of
water from Rawleys Point south to Northeim on kings, rainbows,
cohos, browns and lakers. Cohos were reported as far north as
Kewaunee. Many of the fish were caught on fly and dodger combos, or
on spoons on surface mono or leadcore line (Dipsies set at 5 to 8
passes, or wire Dipsies at 85 to 110 feet back). Water temps were
colder north of Two Rivers (51 degrees inside of 40 feet). There
are commercial nets off Two Rivers due southeast to due northeast
(just south of the light or Rawleys Point in 70-120 feet is the
last set). Also in 70 feet just south of the light is a wreck
marker buoy (white). Try to go in the daylight and mark those

Manitowoc County lakes have seen some good panfishing, with
crappies and nice bluegills at School Lake. Some nice bass are
being caught at Bullhead Lake. A 45-inch muskie was released on
East Alaska Lake in Kewaunee County. There is also good panfishing
at Shays Lake.

CUB Radio report, (920) 683-6816.


In the river, anglers have been catching walleyes by trolling
crawler harnesses. They’re catching bass in the river on tube jigs.
Trollers on Green Bay are catching trout and salmon on flies and
spoons. Anglers are catching a few perch out of Oconto, but not in
big numbers yet.

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Pete’s Sport Shop, (715) 582-3681.


The smallmouth bite is good, with the best action by day. Fish
tubes over rock piles, or crankbaits along outside weed edges in 8
to 12 feet. Anglers were seeing good fish to 19 inches, with room
to improve. Largemouth bass are hitting in the mornings, mostly on
wacky-rigged worms dropped into weed pockets. Plastic frogs skipped
over slop are also effective. Evenings are showing some good action
on topwater lures, with better night action on the way. Walleyes
are a little tougher, but are still catchable. Start moving deeper.
On big, deep lakes, drift spinnner rigs in 22 to 32 feet with jumbo
leeches or big crawlers. The flowages are the next best, but action
is spotty, with narrow windows of ‘catching.’ Daytime muskie action
is slow, but action has been seen by fishing cisco schools over
deep water.

Island Sport Shop, (715) 356-4797.

R&K Great Outdoors Sports Shop, (715) 356-6818.


Anglers have been doing fair to good on walleyes on the
Petenwell Flowage by trolling and vertical jigging. Fishermen also
are catching catfish and crappies in the river. The catfish action
is very good, and the crappies are in the wood.

Sunrise Bait & Tackle, (715) 886-5440.

Petenwell Sports, (608) 564 7707.


Anglers are having good luck on all species except walleyes.
Muskies are doing just fine – fish weed edges in 4 to 12 feet of
water, using a surface bait or bucktail in the early morning or
late afternoon or evening. Northern pike remain very aggressive,
and continue to haunt the weeds. Fish in 4 to 12 feet using a
spinnerbait or spoon. Anglers are also having success using a small
sucker, but live bait is very difficult to keep alive in warm
weather. The smallie bite is very good in the ‘usual summer places’
– rock bars, rubble, rocky drop-offs, and points. Use a leech under
a slip bobber, or smaller crankbaits. Largemouths are in the
shallow, heavy weeds. Use plastics, like a Texas-rigged or
wacky-rigged Senko, or run a plastic frog or rat over the lily
pads. If there is wood, toss your bait right into that area.
Crappies are scattered, but anglers using electronics are locating
them around cover, like brush piles, cribs, wood and similar areas.
Depths can vary by lake, from 8 to 20 feet, with the crappies
suspending at varying depths. Walleyes are a tough bite right now –
the best bet is to fish low light hours, starting at 20 feet over
hard bottom, reefs, or humps, and work in shallower to weed edges.
A jig and a leech or crawler is what works the best.

Rainbow Ace Home Center, (715) 234-8116.

J.C. Bear Paw Co., (715) 236-7300.


The Lower Wisconsin River is producing nice smallmouth and
largemouth bass on topwater baits, or jigs tipped with a Twister
tail. Lake Wisconsin is producing nice catches of walleyes and
saugers with crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers. Trolled
crankbaits also are working. Devils Lake trout are biting, with
most of the trout running 10 to 15 inches. The best way to catch
them is by mid-lake drifting with medium fathead minnows. Anglers
are catching bluegills and largemouth bass on Crystal Lake.

Wilderness Fish and Game, (608) 643-2433.


Anglers are finding nice action on walleyes, bass, and northern
pike. A 30-inch northern pike was brought in on July 5. Panfish are
hitting, but the action has been restricted to the deepest holes on
Upper and Lower Clam.

Big Mike’ s Outdoor Sports, (715) 349-2400.

Fur, Fin and Feathers Sports, (715) 349-8445


Bluegill fishing has been very decent during an extended period
of time. The bluegills have moved to deeper water, mostly off weed
edges, but they are hitting. Smallmouths have been hitting on Long
Lake. There has been some talk about muskie action, but not a lot
in the way of reports. The two local bass clubs have reported
catching a lot of northern pike, along with a lot of bass shorter
than 14 inches.

AAA Sports Shop, (715) 635-3011.


The muskie bite is the best in early morning or the evening
hours. A few mid-day fish are being caught, but low-light hours are
producing the best bite, by far. Bucktails are working the best,
with topwaters and jerkbaits coming in a close second. Work the
weeds first and, then target wood and rocks. The walleye bite is
good throughout the day, with good numbers of big fish being taken
almost at will. A simple jig and crawler worked in the timber will
do the trick. Anglers also are targeting suspended walleyes by
long-line trolling a crawler harness or crankbaits. The crappie
bite is very good. For the best results, target submerged wood in 2
to 10 feet of water with small jigs tipped with minnows, or plastic
tails in white or red. The catfish bite is fantastic for fish up to
15 pounds. Target the deepest hole you can find, and use a No. 2
hook with two or three crawlers strung on it.

Hooksetters, (715) 693-5843.

Wisconsin Angling Adventures, (715) 297-7573

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