Deer hunting tourney is on tap near Gladwin

By Bill

Gladwin, Mich — Competitive hunting is coming to the Lost Arrow
Deer Ranch in Gladwin.

Real estate executive David Farbman told Michigan Outdoor News
that he is fulfilling a dream by launching the first competitive
hunting tour this fall at the high-fence deer ranch.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to build the industry of hunting,”
Farbman said. “I spend every minute I can in the woods. I want to
see hunting grow.”

Farbman is the founder and CEO of The World Hunting Association,
which is creating a competitive, world-wide hunting tour. He said
the inaugural season is set to begin this fall with two tournaments
covering 16 days of competition, both to be held at Lost Arrow.

“By 2008 we plan to be in 10 locations with 16 to 20
tournaments,” Farbman said.

The format for the tournaments will feature eight, two-man
teams, consisting of a hunter and a cameraman on each team. Four
teams will be in the field at one time, and the teams will rotate
every other day. The winners of each two-day heat will advance to a
sudden-death showdown for the final event.

The payoff for the average-Joe hunters will be in their ability
to follow the competitors’ every move and learn their strategy and
techniques, according to Farbman. He said the tournaments will be
broadcast on the Internet, On Demand, pay-per-view, and other

“We’re creating an entertaining, educational, interactive
website where hunters can follow along and pick up tips and
insight,” Farbman said. “The cameras will be rolling all the time,
even when they’re not in the field. It will give an in-depth look
at the realities of hunting.”

He said the first hunts, which will be held in October and
November, will feature hunters from Michigan, Indiana, Iowa,
Oklahoma, and Texas as well as Mathews pro staffer Brett Hankins
from Virginia, and Colorado hunting guide Joe Mengatti. The names
of the other hunters will be released when their participation is

On the WHA website,, Farbman says the hunts
will feature, “some of the world’s best hunters competing
head-to-head in a man-versus-man-versus-animal format like never
seen before.”

Deer will not be killed during the tournaments. They will be
darted with a patent-pending tranquilizer, scored in the field, and

A group of investors will fund the tournament, which will
feature upwards of $500,000 in prize money for the two

In a letter to hunters posted on the website, Farbman writes
that WHA is also creating a foundation that will donate to
charitable and non-profit organizations that help enhance hunting,
such as venison donation charities and those that offer hunting
trips to individuals who are terminally ill or less privileged.

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