EAB list trimmed; Zone T now at 41 units


Madison Perhaps this week or perhaps by this time next month
Wisconsin deer hunters will get a look at the final season
framework for the 2005 deer hunt.

As of Thursday, March 17, the DNR was looking at a list of eight
earn-a-buck (EAB) units (down from 10 last month) and 41 Zone T
units (down from more than 50 last month). Whether the list of
eight EAB units and 41 Zone T units makes it to the Natural
Resources Board (NRB) meeting that was scheduled for this week
Wednesday, March 23, was not known as of press time.

DNR deer ecologist Keith Warnke said it was possible the list
could be trimmed even further before NRB members see it this week,
depending on final decisions by the DNR, with input from the
Conservation Congress.

When the NRB does see the final list this week, board members
have several options that are not limited to accepting the list as
presented by the DNR, or tabling action on that list until the
board’s April meeting.

As of late last week, a couple of board members said they were
uneasy about approving EAB units for 2005 that had seen EAB in

Seven of the eight units that were still on the DNR’s EAB list
late last week had an EAB season in 2004.

Conservation Congress chairman Steve Oestreicher said he is
asking the DNR for “unconditional surrender” when it comes to EAB
in 2005. He does not want to see any EAB units.

Oestreicher said the board could adopt the DNR’s list or table
action on Zone T and EAB units until April. That would give the
board time to see how the public votes April 11 on the Conservation
Congress resolution asking the DNR to adopt the congress’ season
framework, which would eliminate October Zone Ts and EAB seasons,
while creating a December Zone T season.

“I’d like to see (the NRB) endorse the herd-reduction seasons
we’re bringing to them,” Warnke said. “It’s important to continue
taking the herd toward goals. That being said, the NRB will make a
decision and I will support and respect their conclusions.”

If the board tables Zone T and EAB action until its April
meeting, Warnke said the DNR will be under some pressure to deliver
regulation pamphlets to hunters in time for the July 20 hunter’s
choice application deadline, but he said the DNR would find a way
to get that job accomplished in time.

“We will make the season information available as soon as we
can,” he said.

2004 final deer kill

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