Limited liquid scent will be legal under new rules


Madison  New language in emergency rules governing deer baiting
and feeding have some hunters believing they can’t use deer urine
and other scents this fall.

Not true, said Thomas Van Haren, the state’s natural resources
policy officer for the Bureau of Law Enforcement.

“Last year’s emergency rules did not place a limit on the amount
of liquid scents and did not allow for the use of any solid scent
materials,” Van Haren said.

“It was not our intent to prohibit all solid scent materials, so
the rule language regarding use of scents was modified.”

Van Haren said liquid scents are legal to use for hunting deer
and may be used in scent drippers, mock scrapes, branches, etc. The
scent can be accessible to deer, but the amount is restricted to
not more than two ounces.

In addition, the new emergency rules allow hunters to use solid
scent materials to attract deer, including gel sticks, tarsal
glands, and other solid scent materials.

A bag of apples could even be used, Van Haren said, as long as
the solid scent material cannot be accessed by deer.

In addition, hunters must remove the solid scent material at the
close of hunting hours each day.

“Although scents are considered bait, the rules were written to
allow the use of scents under certain restrictions,” Van Haren

The official language reads, “Scent may be used for hunting deer
or elk provided the scent is not placed or deposited in a manner
that it is accessible for consumption by deer or elk, and
non-liquid scents shall be removed daily at the end of hunting
hours for deer established in s. NR 10.06(5).”

“Two ounces or less of liquid scent may be placed or deposited
in any manner for hunting game,” Van Haren said.

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