Big game deadlines for 2003

North Dakota

Game and Fish Department

100 North Bismarck Expressway

Bismarck, ND 58501-5095

(701) 328-6300

North Dakota has a healthy population of mule deer at affordable
license fees. North Dakota also has a bighorn sheep season, though
licenses are difficult to obtain and depend on a special drawing. A
drawing is also planned for moose or elk. Contact the game
department for more information on this drawing.

The North Dakota legislative session ends in March and a license
hike is expected, according to one representative of the N.D. game
and fish department. The 2003 hunting regulations will be posted
online in January.

South Dakota

Game, Fish and Parks

523 East Capitol

Pierre, SD 57501

(605) 773-3485

South Dakota’s Black Hills and West River sections are excellent
deer hunting locations. The licensing bureau of the South Dakota
Department of Game Fish and Parks said commissioners are now
meeting to figure out any license fee hikes and seasons for the
upcoming year. Final decisions are expected by mid-January and will
be published on the website. In the past, deer or antelope licenses
have run around $150, with a double tag available for around $200.
Applications are usually available in April and June with most
deadlines being in mid summer. A special West River hunt typically
has an early May deadline.


Game and Fish

5400 Bishop Blvd

Cheyenne, WY 82006-0001

(307) 777-4600

Wyoming has a variety of species, including elk, deer, antelope,
moose, bighorn and mountain goats. The only license fee to go up
this year is for nonresident cow/calf elk licenses, but a member of

The deadline for nonresident elk tags is Jan. 31, while the deer
and antelope deadline is March 15. The nonresident moose, bighorn
sheep and mountain goat deadline is Feb. 28. Applications are
available online but can only be printed and then mailed in.

Canadian provinces

Non-Canadians hunting in any of the provinces must have either a
licensed guide or go hunting with a permitted landowner, depending
on the provincial laws. Check with an outfitter in any province for
specifics. In 2001, Canada required gun registration for all
nonresidents and in 2003 that law will also include all Canadian
citizens. There is a $50 fee for all non-Canadians to declare their
weapons upon entering the country. With current exchange rates it’s
about $30 American. Additional information on Canadian gun laws can
be found by calling (800) 731-4000.

Canada runs most of its licensing by quotas for nonresidents and
there are no application deadlines in many provinces. This makes it
easier for nonresidents who are planning for the long term, but
increases the urgency in applying and booking a trip.

Alberta Professional

Outfitters Society

P.O. Box 68167

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6C4N6

(780) 865-5105

Alberta has hunting seasons for antelope, bighorn sheep, mule
deer, whitetails, black bear, cougar, elk and moose. There are more
than 300 licenses guides listed on the website.

Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia

P.O. Box 94675

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V6Y4A4

(604) 278-2688

British Columbia has hunting seasons for moose, elk, black bear,
caribou, deer, grizzly bear and mountain goat.

Manitoba Lodge and

Outfitters Association

23 Sage Crescent

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2Y0X8

(204) 889-4840

In Manitoba there are nonresident seasons for moose,
white-tailed deer, and black bear.

Nunavut Tourism

Box 1450

Iqaluit, Nanavut, Canada X0A0H0


Nunavut offers some of the most prestigious and unique North
American big-game trophy animals. Species include polar bear,
walrus, musk-ox, caribou, grizzly bear, wolves and wolverine.

Northwest Territories

Box 610, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada X1A2N5

(867) 873-7200

Northwest Territories has hunting seasons for a wide array of
species that would fill any trophy room. Species include musk ox,
polar bear, grizzly bear, caribou, wolf and wolverine. An exotic
twist offered in the Northwest Territories many guides hunt by

Northern Ontario Outfitters Association

269 Main Street West, Suite 408

North Bay, Ontario, Canada P1B2T8

(705) 472-5552

Ontario has hunting seasons for black bear, deer, timber wolf
and moose.


1922 Park Street

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4P3V7

(877) 2ESCAPE

Saskatchewan has hunting seasons for moose, black bear and some
of the finest whitetail hunting in North America.

Yukon Territory Outfitter’s Association

B4-302 Steele Street

Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A2C5

(867) 668-4118

Game species here include moose, caribou, wood bison, mountain
sheep, mountain goats, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes
and wolverines.

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