Tackle Terry on dog days fishing

Rumors surrounding the lack of good fishing during the dog days
of summer have been greatly exaggerated. Though that might sound
like a Samuel Clemens quotation, it’s actually the strong belief of
“Tackle Terry” Tuma, aka T3.

Unlike Twain, Tuma’s way of saying it is much simpler and to the
point: “There are no dog days of summer.”

In mid to late summer, Tuma explains, fish are feeding heavily
and there’s an abundance of food. “A fish’s metabolism is in high
gear and they don’t have to feed for very long they eat quickly and
then rest,” he said.

During this time of the year, anglers must figure out where and
when the fish are feeding. The pattern of mid to late summer is
actually pretty stable and with the proper methods will allow for
some consistent fishing.

The not-so-aged philosopher T3 talked about the mid to late
summer fishing pattern, providing a species-by-species

Fishing the dog days

Q. What are some good general tips for the mid to late summer
fishing pattern?

A. Get on the water during those times of the day when the lake
will be the most productive. Some lakes feature good summer night
bites, but not all of them.

A good general time for almost any body of water is in the early
morning hours. This depends on the species of fish you’re after and
the weather, but many fish have a strong feeding pulse at this

In the early morning, there is low boating and fishing pressure.
Often times you’ll be the only person out on the lake and that can
mean better fishing.

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