All I really need to know

About 15 years ago, Robert Fulghum published a little book
entitled, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. In
my case, all I really need to know I learned while fishing with

Wake up early.

Pack a lunch.

Take good bait.

Sometimes go alone, sometimes take a friend.

Seek a place with clear depth that holds great promise.

Venture boldly around the bend.

Revel in the beauty of nature.

It’s OK to daydream, but keep your purpose in focus.

Watch your step, but don’t be afraid to wade in.

Be wary of hidden snags.

Clean up the trash left by others.

Let your work be like play.

Make your first cast hit the mark.

Treat the little ones gently, so they may grow into great

When you hook a good one, hang on.

There is often joy in a great struggle.

Don’t fret about the ones that get away.

Measure fairly.

Take only what you need, and if you have more than you need,

Good luck often follows rain.

If you go empty-handed today, you may do better tomorrow.

Come home for supper.

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