St. Paul The Minnesota DNR is seeking nominees for a “Motorized Trail Task Force.” The task force will advise the DNR and the Legislature on future off-highway vehicle policy in Minnesota, under legislation recently signed into law.

DNR Commissioner Allen Garber will appoint the task force, which
will make recommendations to the 2003 Legislature. The task force
will include representatives of both “motorized” and
“non-motorized” interests.

It’s anticipated the task force will meet perhaps twice monthly
for the remainder of the year. A letter of nomination should be
sent to the DNR commissioner’s office no later than May 31. Letters
should include the nominee’s name, why he or she is qualified for
the task force, and the person’s background regarding OHV use.
Questions may be directed to DNR Legislative Director Michelle
Beeman at (651) 296-0915.

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