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Minnesota Great Eight Fishing Reports

MInnesota Great Eight Lakes Fishing Report - May 1st, 2015


East - There hasn’t been much to report, and the people looking for panfish aren’t finding much in the way of numbers or size. With a few days of warm sun, the bays, harbors and channels should begin to hold crappies and perch.
Johnson’s Portside (320) 676-3811

West - Fishing reports have been pretty limited again this week and likely will be until the walleye season begins. There should be some panfish in the bays and harbors as the water warms next week.
Terry’s Boat Harbor (320) 692-4430


Consistent sturgeon fishing continues with the “keep one” season opening last weekend. Anglers are catching numbers of sturgeon by anchoring in the mid channel or over deep holes with two ounce no-roll sinkers, 4/0 or 5/0 circle hooks, and a gob of nightcrawlers. Timbermill Park in Baudette towards the Lighthouse Gap at the mouth of the river has been most productive. Northern pike season is open all year, and they are coming off the spawn and looking to feed. Fast trolling spoons, or shallow-running crankbaits, smelt, dead ciscoe or herring under floats have also worked. Fish are being caught in 1 to 8 feet. 
Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau (800) 382-FISH


Look for the warm water, 56- to 58- degrees, and you’ll find crappies in most shallow areas on Lake Minnetonka. The bite had slowed with the cooler weather last week but started to improve with the warmer weather this week. Minnows, plastics and small jigs were all producing fish, and it’s worth experimenting with a variety of presentations since these crappies seem to want something different every day.  
Wayzata Bait (952) 473-2227


There’s been some people out looking for crappies in the bays, but the bite has been slow. Water temperatures remained cool early this week, and most anglers are reporting that it needs to warm up about five to eight more degrees before these fish will start moving into shallow water. 
Pike Bay Lodge (218) 753-2430


There are some panfish opportunities beginning on some of the area’s small lakes, but there hasn’t been much to report from the big lake.
Lake Winnie Resort Association


The number of anglers chasing panfish has been minimal on the big lake, but there are some reports coming from the bays on some of the area’s smaller lakes. The harbors and bays on the big lake need to warm a bit more in order to drive crappies into them.
Reed’s Sporting Goods (218) 547-1505
Shriver’s Bait Company (218) 547-2250


Most of the lake is open, but there are still patches of floating ice, which are expected to be gone by this weekend. There isn’t much to report, with the exception of sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River. Crappies should start moving into the shallower bays as soon as the water warms up.  
Loon’s Nest (218) 286-5850


There hasn’t been much to report due to the lack of angling. The water remained cool early this week so the crappies haven’t moved shallow. Look to dark-bottomed bays and harbors to start holding them soon. 
Mort’s Dock (218) 647-8128

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Minnesota Twin Cities Fishing Reports

Metro Area Fishing Report - May 1st, 2015


Crappies and a few sunfish are being caught in 2 to 5 feet on most lakes, highlighted by some better numbers of fish off Silver Lake, White Bear Lake, Lake Jane, Demontreville Lake, Bald Eagle Lake and the marinas on the St. Croix River. This shallow action will improve with nice weather. 
Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle                    (651) 777-2421


Most lakes are now producing panfish in shallow water and if they’re not, they will soon with the rising water temperatures. Look to Lake Bavaria in 1 to 5 feet and the north side of Lake Parley in 2 to 6 feet for crappies. Lake Auburn has been the area’s best bet for sunfish in 6 to 8 feet. Turkey hunting reports continue to be favorable and many hunters are saying the birds have become more vocal over the last week.
Cabin Fever Sports (952) 443-2022


Minnows and plastics on jigs continued to produce crappies in 8 to 12 feet early this week throughout Waconia Bay. With the warm weather this week, look for bigger numbers of these fish to slide shallower around the docks and shoreline areas. 
Mase’s In Towne Marina (952) 442-2096

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Statewide Minnesota Fishing Reports

Statewide Minnesota Fishing Report - May 1st, 2015


Crappies and sunfish continue to move in and out of the shallows, biting best during bright, warm days. Hit the bays on Lake Homme Dieu, Pocket Lake, Rachael Lake and Oscar Lake for crappies. Crappies also are being found in Christopherson’s Bay and Schwab’s Bay on Lake Ida. Reno Lake also is giving up good-sized crappies in 4 to 8 feet. 
Christopherson’s Bait and Tackle       (320) 763-3255


Crappie and sunfish action hasn’t been stellar, but fish are being caught in some small bays or harbor areas on Clearwater Lake, Lake Sylvia, Pleasant Lake, Cedar Lake, Sugar Lake and Granite Lake. The bite should only improve this week as water temperatures climb. Turkey hunting success was a bit slower during the third season, despite the fact that birds seemed to be more responsive to calling.  
Little Jim’s Bait (320) 274-5297


Crappies have just started moving shallow on Mollie Stark Lake, Clitherall Lake and Rush Lake - expect more lakes to start kicking out fish in 2 to 5 feet as the water continues to warm. Look to Star Lake, Dead Lake and Stalker Lake for sunfish in 6 to 8 feet; these fish should make a push shallower as well.
Ben’s Bait Shop (218) 864-5596


Crappies have started hitting in the channels between Lake Irving and Lake Bemidji or at the mouth of Irving in shallow water. Crappies also are being found in 2 to 6 feet at Lake Beltrami during the late afternoon hours, while bluegill action remains slow. 
Taber’s Bait (218) 751-5781 


Most small lakes in the area have started producing a few crappies, but the bite should really start to kick in now that the water has started to warm. A couple of the area’s better reports for crappies and bluegills have come off Lake Rabideau and Beltrami Lake; these fish were still being found in deep water, but they should slide shallower as well.
Timberline Sports and Tackle
(218) 835-4636


The channels on Upper Gull Lake continue to kick out crappies and sunfish. Crappie action has been strong in 2 to 6 feet on Nisswa Lake, the bays on Whitefish Lake, and the Highway 371 Bay on North Long Lake. Small jigs tipped with plastics, minnows or Eurolarvae are working best.
S & W Bait & Guide Service/Nisswa Guide League      (218) 829-7010


Crappies are being found suspended along the 10- to 12-foot weed patches in Allen’s Bay on Cass Lake, the west side of Wolf Lake, Kitchi Lake and Anderson Lake. You’ll also catch sunfish on these lakes in 6 to 8 feet, but look for the majority of panfish to start heading into the bays and harbor areas as the water warms. The shallow rocks off Stony Point on Cass and the north side of Pike Bay Lake are worth hitting for perch.  
Sunset Cove Resort (800) 279-4831


Early this week, water temperatures were in the mid 50-degree range and sunfish were being caught in 4 to 6 feet, as were crappies in 8 to 12 feet; look for the crappies to start moving even shallower as the water warms this week. Shore fishing and boat fishing  are both options at Green Lake, Chisago Lake, North Center Lake and South Center Lake.   
Frankie’s Bait (651) 257-6334


Hunter’s Bay, the Whitehawk area on the northeast side, and south end of Bay Lake are all producing crappies in shallow water. Serpent Lake and the north end of Clearwater Lake are giving up crappies in 6 to 8 feet. Hit Iverson Creek and the backwaters of Milford Lake for crappies and sunfish in 2 to 4 feet. There’s also a good sucker run taking place in most small creeks and rivers.
Oars ‘n Mine Bait and Tackle                     (218) 546-6912


Early this week, most sunfish and crappies were being found in 10 to 12 feet, but this could change to shallower water by this weekend with the warmer weather. Lakes such as Sallie, Big Detroit, Melissa, Severson, Little Pelican and Upper Cormorant are all giving up panfish again this week.   
Quality Bait and Tackle (218) 844-2248


Look for crappies and bluegills at Fish Lake in 8 to 10 feet, although some fish are starting to move into shallower water. On Island Lake, crappies are being found on the 10- foot rock piles. Trolling stickbaits around the points and shorelines on Lake Superior has produced coho salmon, king salmon and some lake trout. The majority of fish are coming from 20 to 25 feet and not far off shore. The rivers are low, but the deep pockets on the Sucker River are holding steelhead and Kamloops and the smelt run kicked into high gear last Sunday.  
Chalstrom’s Bait (218) 726-0094


The north end of Blue Lake and Baxter Lake are giving up crappies in shallow water. The backwaters on Elk Lake are producing crappies and sunfish, while the Mississippi River is giving up catfish via nightcrawlers.
Tales and Trails Sport Shop 
(763) 856-3985


The good news is that the ice is now completely off all lakes. The bad news is that the crappies have not moved into the shallows. Last week was mostly cold and windy so water temperatures continue to be too cold to drive panfish into these shallow areas. 
The Great Outdoors (218) 365-4744


The bay on Ruth Lake started giving up sunfish in 10 to 12 feet and the east side of Lake Emily is giving up crappies in 7 to 9 feet. With the warm weather this week, teh shallower bays on most lakes should start holding better numbers of panfish.  
Redding Sports and Spirits                     (218) 763-2191


Crappies are hitting in shallow water during the evening hours and in 10 to 12 feet during the day at Hall Lake, Amber Lake, Lake Sissiton, Budd Lake and George Lake. Shore anglers on Tuttle Lake are catching walleyes on crankbaits during the evening.
Sommer Outdoors (507) 235-5225


Few have been fishing because of wind and cool weather. Fishing reports have been non-existent since last weekend. 
Nagel’s Live Bait (507) 334-8341


There’s still plenty of ice on most lakes, although many small lakes are expected to open this weekend. The ice that remains on the bigger lakes also is expected to be out by the fishing opener with warm weather forecasted over the next week. Steelhead have started running and reports have been best on the Cascade, Brule and Devil Track rivers.
Buck’s Hardware (218) 387-2280


The evening hours have been best for crappies in the bays or harbors on Lake Pokegama, Big Splithand Lake, Little Cutfoot Sioux Lake, Big Cutfoot Sioux Lake and Bowstring Lake. Look for the bite to pick up during midday as water temperatures continue to climb. Most creeks and rivers are holding good numbers of suckers.   
Ben’s Bait and Tackle (218) 326-8281


The shallow channels and bay on Mound Lake continue to produce crappies, while Hunter’s Bay on Big Birch Lake is giving up  panfish. Generally, most shallow bays on area lakes are now holding panfish or should soon with the water warming.
Nancy’s Bait & Tackle (320) 285-2405


Water temperatures have remained cool so it continues to be difficult to find crappies in shallow water on area lakes. With nice weather in the forecast, that could change by this weekend. Look to the bays on Woman Lake, Ten Mile Lake, Pleasant Lake and Birch Lake among others to start producing. 
Swanson’s Bait and Tackle                     (218) 675-6176


People have just started looking for crappies in shallow water with little or no success. Most anglers think these fish will head to those traditional spring locations once the water warms up a little bit.
Lucky 7 General Store (218) 254-7168


There hasn’t been any crappie action reported, but enthusiasm is high for the upcoming fishing opener. With the ice going out as early as it did, walleyes should be shallow and active on opening day.
Gateway Store (218) 875-2121


With improved weather and warmer water, crappies have bit better this week. Look to the shallow bays on Lake Washington, German Lake, and Big Jefferson Lake for crappies. The Buckmaster Bridge area on Madison Lake continues to produce crappies as well. 
The Bobber Shop (507) 625-8228


The bays, channels, or bridge areas on Big Sandy Lake, Lake Minnewawa, Rat Lake and Round Lake have all given up a few panfish. The bite hasn’t been outstanding, but seems to be improving daily.
Willey’s Sport Shop & Spirits             (218) 426-3382


Little Pulaski Lake is kicking out crappies throughout the day in less than 6 feet. On Little Maple Lake, sunfish are hitting during the day, as are crappies in the evening in 2 to 6 feet. Start looking to the shallow bays and shorelines on additional lakes to hold panfish with the water starting to warm.
Monticello Bait & Tackle (763) 295-1187


Small jigs tipped with minnows or plastics continue to produce crappies in less than 5 feet on Knife Lake. Suckers and catfish are being caught with nightcrawlers on the Snake River, while the Ann River bridge is giving up sunfish and crappies when the sun is out.
Jerry’s Sport & Bait Shop (320) 679-2151


During the day, Big Stone Lake is producing walleyes in 6 to 10 feet on crankbaits, jigs and minnows, or slip bobbers and leeches. After sunset, these fish are sliding shallower, along the shorelines and being taken on slip bobber rigs. Work the north end of the lake from Rocky Ledge to Sodak for better numbers of walleyes, but the islands on the south end are producing bigger fish. Walleye reports off Lake Traverse have been favorable in 6 to 12 feet during the day and shallower at night night.
Artie’s Bait (320) 839-2480 


Anglers fishing from shore on the north end of Long Lake are catching panfish. Start looking to the bays on most of the area’s small lakes with the water starting to warm. Some fish are being found just about everywhere, not huge numbers, but that should improve this week. 
Delaney’s (218) 732-4281
Smokey Hills Outdoors (218) 237-5099


Crappies and some sunfish are hitting in 3 to 5 feet in the bays of Big Pine Lake, Little McDonald Lake, Rush Lake, Big McDonald Lake, Little Pine Lake, Toad Lake and Buchanan Lake. Small jigs tipped with plastics, leeches or minnows are working best. 
Gene’s Sport Shop (218) 346-3355


The best walleye reports early this week are coming from the Head of the Lakes area or Lake Pepin. Leadcore and crankbaits are producing the majority of fish in 18 to 22 feet. Catfish, panfish, and white bass reports have been slower this week. 
Four Seasons Sports (651) 388-4334


Crappies continue to be caught on Lake Zumbro in 8 to 10 feet and Willow Creek Reservoir in 5 to 8 feet. Shore anglers are catching rainbow trout on minnows or Power Bait at Foster Arend Pond. Turkey hunters are finding success, although poorer weather last week slowed the harvest.
Hooked on Fishing (507) 282-4982


Look for sunfish in 2 to 4 feet in the bays on Lake Koronis, Rice Lake, Long Lake, and Cedar Island Lake. A few crappies are being caught during the afternoon and evening hours at the Highway 55 bridge on Koronis and near most culverts on area lakes. Turkey hunters continue to find success in the area. 
Mike’s Bait and Tackle (320) 453-2248


The outlet area on Long Bridge Lake is producing crappies and sunfish, as are the bays on the north and west ends of Lake Osakis. Baily’s Bay on the north end of Sauk Lake continues to produce crappies as well.
Fletcher’s Bait Shop (320) 352-2155


The 8- to 10- foot weedbeds throughout Thoroughfare Bay on Lake Alexander are holding crappies. Pierz Lake is giving up sunfish and a few crappies in 3 to 6 feet, as are the shallow bays and shorelines of Beauty Lake and Green Prairie Lake. 
Da Fishin’ Hole (320) 631-0056


Anglers fishing from shore in the Starbuck Marina or from boats in Fish Hatchery Bay on Lake Minnewaska are catching crappies and some sunfish in 3 to 6 feet. Shore fishing along the shallow shorelines of Pelican Lake has produced crappies. 
Minnewaska Bait and Tackle               (320) 239-2239


There hasn’t been enough people fishing to get any panfish reports, but the weather last week has allowed few fishing opportunities. Look to the small, shallow lakes to be the first to start producing crappies.
Lucky Seven General Store                 (218) 741-3617


The lagoons on Lake Tetonka and the Warsaw Bridge area on Cannon Lake are producing crappies and sunfish in 2 to 5 feet. Jigs are producing striped bass near the inlets and outlets of the Cannon River. 
Axel’s Tackle Box (507) 362-4444


The bays and shorelines have started giving up more crappies and sunfish this week and the bite should improve as the water warms. Look to the north end of Eagle Lake, northwest corner of Lake Andrew, Elkhorn Lake, Nest Lake, Henderson Lake, and Norway Lake. Turkey hunters have reported a fair success this week.
Brad’s 71 Bait and Sports (320) 235-4097


Anglers fishing from shore at night with slip bobbers and leeches on Lake Hendricks are catching a few walleyes. Crappie reports continue to be slow, but spinners or crawlers are producing rainbow trout  on the Redwood River in Camden State Park. Turkey hunters are reporting active birds and good success throughout the past week. 
Borch’s Sporting Goods (507) 532-4880


Look for crappies in the sloughs and sunfish on shallow sand off the main river channels where calm water exists. Walleyes are being found in the river cuts and channels or below the dams. A jig tipped with fathead minnows, plastics, or leeches are working best. Trout fishing has been good with streams remaining low and clear.
West End Bait (507) 452-6241

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