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Minnesota Great Eight Fishing Reports

MInnesota Great Eight Lakes Fishing Report - 27th, 2015t


East - The deepest water available off main lake structure is producing perch and tullibees. The bite has been best during the morning hours, and you’ll do best if you drill a lot of holes and keep moving. With the extended northern pike season, tip-ups and sucker minnows will continue to produce fish in the bays in over 9 to 14 feet. 
Johnson’s Portside (320) 676-3811

West - Tullibee reports continue to be good off the flats such as Seven Mile, Eight Mile and Seguchie’s in 32 to 34 feet. Anglers that stay on the move are finding bigger perch on the 27- to 29-foot rocks or off the mud in 30 feet or more.
Terry’s Boat Harbor (320) 692-4430


The northern part of Big Traverse from Knight and Bridges islands up to Garden Island are giving up walleyes, sauger and some jumbo perch in 26 to 32 feet of water. Reports are also improving closer to the south shore near Pine Island and Zippel Bay in 15 to 18 feet of water during the morning hours. Northern pike are hitting in front of Zippel Bay and the reefs off Long Point are producing a mixed bag of fish. Local anglers continue to catch walleyes during the evening hours on the Rainy River in 15 to 20 feet. At the Northwest Angle, walleyes, sauger, perch, pike and tullibees are being caught around the reefs in 22 to 30 feet. Large crappies are also remaining active up at the Northwest Angle. 
Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau (800) 382-FISH


Fishing pressure has been light, but there is sunfish being caught in Black Lake and Phelp’s Bay on Lake Minnetonka in 10 to 12 feet. A few crappies are being found suspended over 26 to 28 feet on the North Arm of Minnetonka and Medicine Lake during low-light periods. 
Wayzata Bait (952) 473-2227


The cold weather has meant slow fishing. Walleyes, perch, northern pike and crappie have all been tough to find over the past week. Many anglers have started pulling their fish houses off the lake.
Pike Bay Lodge (218) 753-2430


Perch action has been “up and down” with the changing weather patterns, but fish continue to be caught as deep as 30 feet during the day or 15 to 20 feet during low-light periods or under cloudy skies. The main lake bars such as Snaghole, North Moses, Horseshoe and River are holding fish, as are Raven’s Point and Sugar Point on certain days. 
Lake Winnie Resort Association


With the annual Eelpout Festival last weekend, most people on the lake were taking part in the event’s festivities. The cold and wind also has limited perch fishing opportunities on the main lake, but Stoney Point is giving up some tullibees over deep water.
Reed’s Sporting Goods (218) 547-1505
Shriver’s Bait Company (218) 547-2250


A few walleyes are being caught during the morning hours in Sand Bay in over 32 to 35 feet. An occasional good-sized northern pike and some perch are being caught in the Rainy Lake City area over 10 to 15 feet. Overall, fishing has been slow.
Loon’s Nest (218) 286-5850


With the walleye season now closed, fishing pressure has dropped off. Some anglers have continued to target keeping-sized perch and crappies. Perch have been biting in most areas of the lake, while the biggest number of crappies are coming off the north shore in 12 to 15 feet. 
Mort’s Dock (218) 647-8128

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Minnesota Twin Cities Fishing Reports

Metro Area Fishing Report - February 27th, 2015


Crappies are being found suspended over 34 to 36 feet south of Bayport on the St. Croix River. You’ll also find crappies between 25 and 32 feet on White Bear Lake and Bald Eagle Lake during low-light periods. Sunfish have been tough to locate.
Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle                    (651) 777-2421


There’s an early morning and evening crappie bite taking place on Lake Parley in 12 to 14 feet. The south end of Wasserman Lake is giving up crappies in 17 feet, and Dutch Lake is kicking out a few crappies over 30 feet. The only sunfish bite worth noting is taking place at Rice Marsh Lake in 10 to 12 feet.
Cabin Fever Sports (952) 443-2022


Waconia Bay started producing more crappies in 9 to 12 feet and you’ll find suspended crappies over 19 to 24 feet in Wagener’s Bay. Sunfish reports have been best in Waconia Bay or on Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef in 10 to 14 feet. The marina will be closing on March 1 until after ice-out.
Mases In Towne Marina (952) 442-2096

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Statewide Minnesota Fishing Reports

Statewide Minnesota Fishing Report - February 27th, 2015


Lake Darling is giving up crappies over 27 feet and a mixed bag of panfish in Turtle Bay. Look to Smith Lake for panfish in 20 to 22 feet, and Mill Lake is kicking out crappies at night in 18 to 24 feet. You’ll also find crappies suspended over 30 feet in Betsy Ross Bay on Lake Ida, while Lake Louise and Lake Irene are worth hitting for sunfish in 10 to 12 feet.
Christopherson’s Bait and Tackle       (320) 763-3255


Crappies and sunfish can be had on Rock Lake and Indian Lake in 12 to 18 feet. Look for crappies to hit small jigs and minnows during the evening hours in 12 to 17 feet at Cedar Lake, Granite Lake and Pleasant Lake.
Little Jim’s Bait (320) 274-5297


The 10- to 15-foot weeds on Stalker Lake, Blanche Lake, Ethel Lake and West Battle Lake are holding crappies and sunfish. A few tullibees are being taken on waxworms and flashers over 30 feet on Clitherall Lake and Mollie Stark Lake throughout the day. 
Ben’s Bait Shop (218) 864-5596


Bluegills have been tough to find, but crappies are hitting at night over 18 to 22 feet on Bad Medicine Lake and 32 feet on Wolf Lake. Perch action has been steady on the 30- to 50-foot mud areas on the north end of Lake Bemidji – drill a lot of holes and keep moving and you’ll put together a nice bunch of perch. 
Taber’s Bait (218) 751-5781 


Bluegill reports have been best at Pimushe Lake and Gull Lake in 15 to 22 feet. The mud areas from 10 to 25 feet are holding perch on Island Lake and Blackduck Lake. There’s some evening crappie action at Round Lake with glow jigs and minnows in over 18 to 20 feet of water. 
Timberline Sports and Tackle
(218) 835-4636


Look for sunfish in 6 to 8 feet on Nisswa Lake, Roy Lake, Round Lake and North Long Lake. Crappies continue to be found suspended over 16 to 28 feet on North Long, Pelican Lake, and the south end of Gull Lake. A few anglers are finding keeping-sized perch on the north end of Gull in 8 to 20 feet.
S & W Bait & Guide Service/Nisswa Guide League      (218) 829-7010


It’s been a very quiet week of fishing throughout the area, mainly due to cold and windy conditions. With the walleye season now closed, the weather hasn’t allowed panfish anglers to get out and do much scouting so reports have been limited.
Sunset Cove Resort (800) 279-4831


Crappies are biting best during the evening hours over 15 to 18 feet on Green Lake, North Center Lake and South Center Lake. Look for sunfish around the islands of Chisago Lake or North and South Center lakes in 8 to 10 feet.
Frankie’s Bait (651) 257-6334


Glow jigs are producing crappies after dark at Bay Lake in 16 feet or suspended over 40 feet. Anglers on Huntington Pit are finding rainbows and some brown trout suspended over 40 to 80 feet. You have to sort through some small fish, but crappies and sunfish also can be had on Milford Lake, Little Rabbit Lake and Mahnomen Lake.
Oars ‘n Mine Bait and Tackle                     (218) 546-6912


Look for crappies in 7 to 10 feet on Lake Melissa, Floyd Lake, Severson Lake, Bass Lake and Upper Cormorant Lake. Sunfish are being found in the 10- to 12-foot weeds on Sour Lake, Little Pelican Lake, Melissa and Floyd.  
Quality Bait and Tackle (218) 844-2248


Anglers continue to walk out on Lake Superior and catch lake trout on white tubes or smelt, tight to the bottom, over 60 to 90 feet, and small spoons or waxworms are turning herring and cohos in 25 to 30 feet. Crappies are set up over 20 feet, as are bluegills over 10 feet on Fish Lake. Crappies also are active on Whiteface Lake in 12 to 15 feet.
Chalstrom’s Bait (218) 726-0094


Blue Lake is providing the area’s best sunfish action in 10 feet. Crappies are most active during low-light periods on Green Lake in 17 feet and Little Elk Lake in 10 to 12 feet.
Tales and Trails Sport Shop 
(763) 856-3985


A couple rounds of fresh snow accompanied by strong winds and cold temperatures has really slowed fishing activity here. Ciscoes worked tight to the bottom over 30 to 60 feet do produce the occasional lake trout at Burntside Lake, but the bite has been inconsistent.  
The Great Outdoors (218) 365-4744


Crappies have started hitting on the northwest end of Lake Esquagamah in 20 feet. Hit the northeast end of West Fox Lake for sunfish in 30 feet and Lawrence Lake for suspended crappies over 25 feet.
Redding Sports and Spirits                     (218) 763-2191


Bluegill reports have been limited, but Budd Lake is giving up crappies and some perch in 11 to 16 feet. You’ll also hit crappies during the evening hours on Fox Lake and Amber Lake in 11 feet.
Sommer Outdoors (507) 235-5225


It’s been tough to get a good report off most lakes due to a lack of fishermen. With the cold and windy weather this week, only French Lake stood out for crappies in 17 to 24 feet. 
Nagel’s Live Bait (507) 334-8341


Lake trout have provided the area’s best bite with spoons, ciscoes or minnows producing fish over 50 to 55 feet on Duncan Lake, 55 to 65 feet on Gunflint Lake, 45 to 55 feet on Greenwood Lake, and over 60 feet at Loon Lake. Walleye and stream reports have been poor and anglers have started walking out of Taconite Harbor on Lake Superior for lake trout over 40 to 45 feet.
Buck’s Hardware (218) 387-2280


Crappies continue to be found suspended over 25 to 35 feet on Big and Little Splithand lakes, Round Lake, and Bowstring Lake. A handful of anglers continue to chase stream trout on Taylor Lake and Moonshine Lake, while Bluewater Lake is giving up some lake trout. Bluegill reports have been best off Bass Lake in 7 to 15 feet and Grave Lake in 16 to 20 feet.
Ben’s Bait and Tackle (218) 326-8281


Fishing pressure has been light due to the weather, but Maple Lake is kicking out sunfish in 12 feet. The 25-foot hole on Little Sauk Lake is producing crappies, and St. Mary’s Lake is kicking out sunfish in 18 to 20 feet and crappies in 30 to 32 feet.  
Nancy’s Bait & Tackle (320) 285-2405


Most fishermen are marking more fish on their electronics than they’re catching, and sunfish reports have been extremely slow. There is some evening crappie action for suspended fish over 18 to 20 feet on Ten Mile Lake, Birch Lake and Woman Lake.
Swanson’s Bait and Tackle                     (218) 675-6176


The weather has been so cold and windy over the past seven days that almost nobody has gone fishing. The few that have gone out weren’t finding any success and commenting on how brutal the conditions have been.
Lucky 7 General Store (218) 254-7168


Church Bar on Madison Lake is giving up crappies at night in 22 to 28 feet. Crappies and sunfish are hitting in 24 to 28 feet on Lake Washington, and Big Jefferson Lake continues to give up a few crappies and perch in 22 to 28 feet.
The Bobber Shop (507) 625-8228


There hasn’t been much for detailed reports due to a lack of fishermen. Many anglers have started pulling their houses off with the walleye season now closed, and panfish have been tough to find. 
Willey’s Sport Shop & Spirits             (218) 426-3382


Look to Little Maple Lake for sunfish during the day in 20 feet and suspended crappies at night in 20 to 22 feet. Crappies also are being found suspended in shallower water on Briggs Lake. Eagle Lake in Monticello is giving up crappies in 5 to 7 feet, as is Eagle Lake in Big Lake over 18 to 22 feet. 
Monticello Bait & Tackle (763) 295-1187


Fishing pressure has been minimal over the past week, mainly due to less-than-ideal weather conditions. The only bite worth noting is taking place on Knife Lake, where sunfish are biting during the day, as are crappies at night in 8 to 12 feet.
Jerry’s Sport & Bait Shop 
(320) 679-2151


Walleyes continue to be caught from Mallard Point to the Hornstein access on Big Stone Lake in 8 to 12 feet. Look for perch from Rocky Ledge to Hartford Beach on Big Stone in 12 to 14 feet. A few crappies are coming off Peterson Lake in 12 to 15 feet during the evening hours and the north end of Lake Traverse is worth noting for walleyes.  
Artie’s Bait (320) 839-2480 


Straight Lake and Fish Hook Lake are giving up bluegills in 12 to 14 feet. Look for suspended crappies over 30 feet or more on Big Mantrap Lake and Island Lake. The Crow Wing Chain of Lakes is giving up crappies and sunfish in 12 feet, and although not as many people are fishing them, rainbow trout remain an option on Long Lake (North).
Delaney’s (218) 732-4281
Smokey Hills Outdoors (218) 237-5099


Crappies and sunfish are being found in the deeper basin areas of Cross Lake and Lake Pokegama. Most of these fish are sitting over 20 feet of water and they are suspended at times.
Tall Tales Bait & Tackle (320) 629-8995


Tip-ups and sucker minnows are producing northern pike in the backwaters and marinas off the Mississippi River. A few walleyes continue to be pulled through the ice off Methodist Point on Lake Pepin during low-light periods. Fishing on the river has been good below the dam for walleyes and sauger when the weather allows people to get in their boats; dragging jigs and plastics has worked best. 
Four Seasons Sports (651) 388-4334


Panfish reports have been non-existent over the past week, mainly because the weather has prevented people from getting out. The few that have braved the elements are seeing fish on their electronics, but getting them to bite has been almost impossible.
Mike’s Bait and Tackle (320) 453-2248


Sunfish are hitting on Smith Lake in 8 to 10 feet and the north end of Big Swan Lake in 26 to 28 feet. An ATV is needed for access on this end of Big Swan. On Lake Osakis, crappies continue to hit during low-light periods in Town Bay over 22 to 24 feet and off the Battle Point access over 33 to 35 feet. Freshwater shrimp are producing a few sunfish on the north end of Osakis as well and Big Sauk Lake is kicking out crappies in 16 feet.
Fletcher’s Bait Shop (320) 352-2155


Crappies remain suspended over 20 to 25 feet on Green Prairie Lake and Beauty Lake. Look for sunfish in 10 to 15 feet on most lakes, but they have been finicky biters this week. Pierz Lake, Beauty, and Green Prairie are worth looking into, while Fish Trap Lake is giving up a mixed bag of panfish in 14 to 18 feet. 
Da Fishin’ Hole (320) 631-0056


Fishing pressure has been really light of late, primarily due to the weather. Lake Emily is producing a few crappies in 6 feet, as is the east end of Lake Reno in 12 feet – low-light periods have been best on both lakes.
Minnewaska Bait and Tackle               (320) 239-2239


Walleyes and some keeping-sized sauger are being caught in 19 to 21 feet on the DNR Reef, Whiskey Flats, south tip of Buffalo Bay and Five Mile Reef. Northern pike are hitting sucker minnows right along the pressure ridge that runs west of the Swift Ditch area.
Riverside Bait & Tackle (218) 386-1200


Perch, sunfish, and crappies are hitting in 18 to 25 feet on Eagle Lake. Lakes such as Norway/Games, Diamond and Nest are kicking out mixed bags of panfish in 15 to 25 feet. The northeast and northwest corners of Green Lake continue to produce a few sunfish and crappies in 15 to 30 feet.
Brad’s 71 Bait and Sports 
(320) 235-4097


With the walleye season closed and consistently windy conditions, the number of people fishing has dropped off. The only bite worth noting is happening for perch at West Twin Lake in 10 to 12 feet.
Borch’s Sporting Goods (507) 532-4880


Northern pike are hitting sucker minnows in the back sloughs off the main channel of the Mississippi River. Lake Winona continues to produce crappies and sunfish in 20 feet, while Lawrence Lake near Brownsville is producing perch in less than 7 feet.
West End Bait (507) 452-6241

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