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CWD inevitable in Montana? State wildlife officials bulk up surveillance efforts

The widespread extermination of wolves and cougars early last century meant elk herds that the carnivores prey on were able to grow in size. The swollen herds ate away willow plants and other vegetation along the park’s streams, causing erosion damage, a recent study says.Chronic wasting disease has not yet been discovered in Montana‚Äôs wild populations of deer, elk and…

Dog hunts for poachers, endangered species in Colorado

Dog trained to sniff out scents of 11 commonly hunted species including moose, deer, waterfowl and pronghorn. This skill will help McArdle and other officers find evidence and traces of illegally killed animals during poaching investigations. This particular dog, too, is trained to smell the black-footed ferret and the boreal toad, which are species of concern in Colorado.