Grizzlies suspected in fatal Wyoming attack trapped, killed

JACKSON, Wyo. — Wyoming officials have trapped and killed two grizzly bears they believe killed a hunting outfitter and injured his client. Wyoming Game and Fish Department regional supervisor Brad Hovinga said Sunday the grizzlies that were killed matched the description of those that killed 37-year-old outfitter Mark Uptain. Uptain’s body was found Saturday in the Teton Wilderness east of…

Montana looks to keep 1,000 grizzlies amid push to lift protections

Public hunting of the animals could occur at some point in the future if federal officials move forward with plans to remove the population’s threatened species protections. No hunting plans have been crafted, but officials said if a hunt were to occur it would be constrained by the population objectives that were endorsed Thursday.

U.S. won’t restore Yellowstone grizzly protections

Review was launched when a federal appeals court said in a case involving gray wolves in the Great Lakes that the Interior Department needed to give more consideration to how a species’ loss of historical habitat affects its recovery – like wolves, grizzly bears in some parts of the U.S. have bounced back from widespread extermination, yet remain absent from most of their historical range. But, per grizzlies, Interior officials said that they disagreed with the ruling in the wolf case.

Wyoming’s plan to increase grizzly hunt quotas disputed

(Photo by Bob Drieslein)HELENA, Mont. — Conservation groups alleged earlier this week that Wyoming used part of Montana’s grizzly bear hunting quota to increase its own allocation for a proposed hunt this year, even though Montana wildlife regulators voted not to give away any part of its quota. Wyoming’s proposal for its first grizzly hunt in decades sets a quota…