Monday, April 15th, 2024

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Monday, April 15th, 2024

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Sportsmen Since 1967

New fishing lures in 2024 that deserve your attention for the open-water season

America’s fishing industry continues to amaze with crazy innovations. (Stock photo)

My dad used to say any lure would work for largemouth bass as long as it was a purple “rubber worm” with a pink tail. My, how times have changed.

Today’s lures are impregnated with enticing scents, made of tougher material, have unique actions, and cast a mile. Almost makes a person feel bad for the fish. Almost.

America’s fishing industry continues to amaze with crazy innovations, and below, we’ve got a thorough rundown of the top lures available for the open-water season in 2024.


The Precision Xtreme Series Mavrik from lure zenmasters Rapala is a suspending jerkbait made with the finest construction and premium features, starting with Rapala’s long-cast system, which provides accurate, ultra-long casts to maximize time in the strike zone.

The lure’s suspending, head-down attitude mimics an injured baitfish with hard-cutting, semi-erratic action making it a versatile jerkbait for any condition.

Cutting, semi-erratic action makes the Mavrik a versatile jerkbait for any condition. Fish it slow with short twitches to walk the bait side to side or give it a quick snap to get the bait to turn nearly 180 degrees. It’s armed with premium VMC RedLine Series treble hooks to make this a complete fish-catching jerkbait.

Reef Runner

The new Reef Stalker Jr. has an erratic and confused action like a wounded baitfish that triggers predators to strike.

It’s a change of pace compared to most side-to-side style baits with a wild hunting action that will be a go-to trolling bait for recreational and tournament walleye anglers alike. Available in 24 colors.

Hogue Custom Outdoors

The River Hunter 2.0 weighs in at 3⁄8-ounce while its big brother, the River Hunter 2.5, weighs in at a ½-ounce.

Both of these balsa would lures dive about two to four feet on 10-pound-test line. Available in five custom colors, each is individually assembled and hand-tuned.

Reaction Tackle

Reaction Tackle’s Bladed Swim Jigs come in a two pack with vibrating blades for added movement and sound. They feature polished surfaces and vivid colors to help boost your catch rate.

Don’t worry about banging them off structure as they are forged from durable materials and stand up to challenging fishing conditions. Plus, 97% tungsten heads provide heightened perception over lead.


With its innovative, upturned bill, the Berkley Krej is one of the most unique baits anglers will see on the 2024 market.

The hard bait mimics the natural, upward fleeing reaction of a baitfish from predatory strike. Contrary to conventional methods of fishing a jerkbait, the upturned bill of the Berkley Krej (that’s “jerk” spelled backwards) allows it to work its way upward in the water column, only to fall backward toward the fish chasing it.

Also new is the weight-forward design of the PowerBait Power Switch that allows for precision casts, fast fall rates, and a wide range of actions to make the most finicky of fish commit to biting.

With such a design, it allows anglers to have total control, and the ability to interact with any fish at any depth in the water column via a variety of “hover” and “stroll” techniques.

Blue Fox

The new Whip Tail Deep Runner is a wider-profile spinner that will run 4 to 5 feet under the subsurface to attract suspending freshwater fish like panfish, trout, bass, and pike. The Whip Tail Deep Runner’s tubular construction offers a wider profile than the original Whip Tail with a polished, stainless-steel 30-degree blade that flashes and flutters on the fall.

Motley Baits

If you’re looking for quality baits, including those made of tungsten, at an affordable price, then Motley Fishing has you covered.

Bass anglers will gravitate towards their tungsten jigs available in swimming, football and flipping models. Weights, a variety of hooks and heads, and soft plastics also are available.

Woodcraft Lures

The BETA Craw’s special design makes the arms and extra appendages flip quickly to get more bites. It creates maximum disturbance as it moves through the water on a Carolina Rig, flipped, or Texas-rigged.

Tactical Fishing

Candy Glass jigs and spinners are meant to be seen and heard. Brilliant UV glass combined with sound is a perfect combination for attracting even heavily pressured fish.

As beautiful as they are deadly with a “glow” that calls fish in from several feet away.


The ChatterBait Elite EVO is a next-level bladed jig built with a custom-built hook refined to pro specs, user-friendly trailer keeper configuration, wire-tied silicone skirt, durable blade finish, and specially sculpted head. Its unpredictable hunting action is unique to the brand.

Also new is the Gremlin, that presents bass with a bulky, creature bait profile with radical action-driven anatomy. Ribbed body increases water displacement and palatable texture, while trapping and exuding air bubbles for visual enticement. Twin curly tails and unique side appendages activate effortlessly.

CrushCity Soft Baits

CrushCity Soft Baits are a premier line of soft baits designed by Rapala Pro Jacob Wheeler. They promise to be one of the hottest baits on the market this open-water season.

Smart injection technology combines custom combinations of color, flake, salt and scent, that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation. There are five key profiles that every bass angler must own: a chatterbait/spinnerbait trailer, a craw, a Ned rig/drop shot bait, and a bug that you can use for flippin’ or Texas-style.


The new Slip Bobber Kit from Kalin’s has an easy-thread tube design that allows an angler to slide his line through the bobber without getting stuck.

It’s a complete custom slip bobber kit with a weighted bobber for superior performance. Kit includes one Kalin’s slip bobber, four swivels, four sinkers, four bobber stops/beads, and four live bait jigs.

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