Outdoor News Sounding Board – Live from the Minnesota State Fair: What’s your No. 1 conservation concern for Minnesota?

As the summer draws to a close the electoral season heats up and there are many open seats on this November’s ballot, including the Governor’s office, the top executive branch position in Minnesota.

 The two major party candidates include Tim Walz (DFL) and Scott Jensen (GOP) who have been campaigning hard throughout the summer and daily at the Minnesota State Fair. This Outdoor News reporter wanted to see what was on the mind of regular folks at the Fair so a visit was paid and people near the Outdoor News booth (at the corner of Nelson and Judson) were asked the following:

“What is your number one conservation concern in Minnesota that you’d lilke candidates for Governor to address before the election on November 8?”

We also caught up with both candidates at the Fair and asked them directly the same question. To see those responses, watch the video version of Sounding Board on the Outdoor News Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“I’m thinking that the walleye limit should be increased on Mille Lacs. I just believe there’s enough walleye in that lake they should be able to catch a few more and keep them.”

Tom Olson, Fairfax

“I’d like to have more habitat for pheasants. It’s a big issue down in Rice County. We are really committed down there to try and make habitat come back.”

Jason Birdsell, Montgomery

“I’m concerned about the fracking issue up north. I think it’s going to be polluting the natural resources and environment that we have up there and we should keep it beautiful.”

Roc O’Malley, Minneapolis

“The lumber industry should take better care of our forests.”

Lochlan Phillips, Woodbury

“I’d say preventing evasive species, specifically around boating—and around chronic waste disease in deer.”

Ben Phillips, Woodbury

“I want them to keep working to bring back [trumpeter] swans and see the lakes cleaned up of the lead.”

Taryn Bouthilet, White Bear Lake


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