Pennsylvania Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – May 27, 2022

From the Game Commission

Allegheny County Game Warden Evan McDaniel gave a warning for an expired range permit at State Game Land 203 shooting range. The shooter thought the year permit lasted a year from the date that it was purchased. The public is reminded that permits are valid July 1 through June 30.  

Armstrong and southern Indiana counties Land Management Group Supervisor Zeb Campbell reports that controlled burns were conducted to improve habitat on state game lands in Washington, Armstrong, and northern Indiana and Clearfield counties. 

Armstrong and southern Indiana counties Land Management Group Supervisor Zeb Campbell reports wild turkey trapping went well in WMU 2D. “We hit the target number for the special hen study,” Campbell said. “The biologists are tracking the hens and receiving data. Hopefully this study will help the wild turkey population in Pennsylvania.” 

Fayette County Game Warden Zachery Hay reports multiple individuals were apprehended on State Game Land 51 and 296 for riding ATVs and full-sized vehicles on the game lands. In addition, alcohol was present in one of the machines being operated.

Greene County Game Warden Tanner Hazlett is advising the public to leave the wildlife alone and do not touch, especially in spring, when many newborn and young animals are encountered.

Indiana County Game Warden Ned Kimmel reports unlawful off-roading and ATV use has been on the rise on state game lands and Hunter Access property throughout northern Somerset. Additional patrol efforts are underway. Landowners in the Hunter Access program graciously open their properties to lawful hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. To better ensure properties remain open to public hunting, ATV and off-road vehicle users should make sure they have permission prior to riding.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Bill Brehun reports charges have been adjudicated against a Derry Township man for shooting an antlerless deer while using a rifle during the statewide archery deer season. A guilty plea was entered and fines totaled over $1,100 with a three-year license suspension.

Westmoreland County Game Warden Bill Brehun reports that Deputy Game Warden Robert Painter has filed charges against an Allegheny County resident for operating a vehicle on roads posted closed to travel on State Game Land 42. The actor drove past multiple road-closed signs.

From the Game Commission

Adams County Game Warden Taylor Knash reports that two individuals were cited for littering and parking in a restricted area on state forest land. 

Bedford County Game Warden Austin Adams reports two people were charged for having a motorized vehicle in an area not authorized for vehicles. 

Cumberland County Game Warden John Fetchkan reports that a couple of  anglers were caught on camera in the propagation area on State Game Land 169. Charges have been filed. 

York County Game Warden Scott Brookens reports an individual was arrested at the State Game Land 242 shooting range due to felony firearms charges. The individual was a felon in possession of four handguns, none of which were his. Organized criminal activity has been increasing on the public shooting range in York for the past several years. Gang members and other criminals have been using the range to familiarize themselves with handguns. Detection and apprehension of these individuals is extremely difficult due in part to the fact the range is open seven days a week and they may only be there for a few minutes. 

York County Game Warden Justin Ritter reports two individuals were charged for unlawfully camping on Hunter Access property. 

Perry County Game Warden Michael Smith reports there has been an increase this spring in the amount of trash dumped on state game lands. Multiple investigations into large loads of dumped trash are ongoing. 

From the Game Commission

Bradford County Game Warden Blake Barth reports a Game Commission wildlife trap went missing from State Game Land 289. It had been set to assist the Habitat Maintenance crew with beaver activity blocking the controlled outflow of a pond. It is ironic that someone on the game lands would take something placed there to maintain the same lands they were using, Barth said. If anyone has any information, contact the Game Commission. 

Bradford County Game Warden David Van Solkema cited two individuals in Warren Township for hunting through the use of bait during the spring turkey opener. An individual in Warren Township also was charged with an illegal, untagged turkey and attempting to take over the bag limit.  

Bradford County Game Warden Praveed Abraham would like to remind the public to leave young wildlife alone. “If you are concerned about juvenile wildlife, just keep an eye on its location and call your local Game Commission office,” Abraham said. “Many times, when you get hands-on with wildlife, you do more harm than good.” 

Columbia County Game Warden Justin Faus reports a Salem Township resident recently was found guilty of harvesting a 538-pound bear unlawfully through the use of bait. The individual was sentenced to pay over $3,000 in fines. 

Lackawanna County Game Warden Eric Kelly reports an increase in nuisance fox calls. 

Lackawanna County Game Warden Benjamin Johnson reports an individual damaging property on state game lands. 

Luzerne County Game Warden Andrew Macko reminds hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to consider wearing orange through the end of May, when spring turkey season ends. 

Luzerne County Game Warden Dale Ambosie reports an increased number motorized vehicles unlawfully riding on state game lands and Hunter Access properties. Several citations and warnings have been issued. 

Monroe County Game Warden Dillon Gruver over the last few months encountered several hunters not in possession of their hunting licenses. He reminds hunters to double-check before heading out in the field to ensure they have everything they need.

Montour and Northumberland counties Game Warden Jared Turner reports charges were filed for a January 2021 hunting-related shooting incident on State Game Land 226 in Columbia County, involving two coyote hunters. 

Pike County Game Warden Patrick Sowers reports a fantastic start to the research bear trapping season. Bears in Pike County appear to be healthy and plentiful. 

Pike County Game Warden Alex Meyer reports giving citations to a turkey hunter for hunting over bait.

Sullivan County Game Warden Rick Finnegan reports that multiple treestands have been left on state game lands. By law, they must be removed no later than two weeks after the close of the final deer season, which in the county is the late archery and flintlock season. Treestands that are left overnight or longer also must be tagged with identifying information that could include the hunter’s CID number or equipment number.  

Susquehanna County Game Warden Jonathan Bowman reports that two individuals will be receiving multiple citations for an incident that occurred on the opening morning of the spring gobbler season. The investigation is ongoing.

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