Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – May 20, 2022

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In JoDaviess County, CPO Hoftender checked a turkey hunter on opening day in the North Zone. The hunter was hunting without a valid hunting license or habitat stamp and his permit was not signed. CPO Hoftender issued a citation for hunting without a license and issued written warning for no habitat stamp and failure to sign his permit.

In Stephenson County, CPO Peecher responded to a search for a suicidal subject that had made social media threats against their own life involving a well-known boat launch in the Lena area. The subject was not located with investigations showing they had returned to their home state of Wisconsin.

In Bureau County, while patrolling Hennepin Canal near Mineral, CPO Wagner observed two individuals fishing in a remote part of the canal. During a fishing compliance check they were found to not have fishing licenses. Both were cited for the violations.

In LaSalle County, CPO Stanbary is investigating a pair of vehicle burglaries that occurred at Starved Rock State Park. Hikers parked at Illinois and Council Overhang parking lots returned to find that their vehicles’ windows had been broken and items were missing. A billfold and clothing were reported stolen from the vehicle burglaries. Conservation Police are investigating the incidents. Visitors to the park are encouraged not to leave valuables in plain view in unattended motor vehicles.

In Winnebago County, CPO Swanson conducted fish enforcement during the opener of spring trout season. A Rockton man was issued a written warning for failure to obtain a trout stamp. No other violations were found.

In Winnebago County, CPO Roesch checked trout fisherman at Bauman Park. Two individuals were in possession of more trout than the daily limit. CPO Roesch issued each a citation for overlimit of trout and seized the fish.

In Winnebago County, CPO Roesch and CPO Alvarez checked a fisherman at Two Rivers in possession of live rusty crayfish, and invasive species. The man was educated about the harmful impacts of rusty crayfish and issued a written warning. The crayfish were destroyed.

In Peoria County, CPO Lazzell received a Peoria County case disposition reference the unlawful take of an overlimit of Canada Geese during the 2021 Waterfowl season. The Chillicothe hunter plead guilty and paid a fine of $390.

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn was informed of a man shooting from a truck near Mackinaw. CPO Finn requested county and city conduct preliminary interviews due to being unavailable at the time. Follow up interviews were conducted the next morning. It was determined two men had shot at geese outside of season. The men were using a 12-gauge shotgun and a 17HMR rifle. Both received citations for hunting geese outside of season, using a rifle to shoot waterfowl, hunting to close to a residence without permission and hunting from or over a roadway. Both also received warnings for expired licenses and expired stamps. The 17HMR was seized.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Reid conducted a traffic stop at the Chain of Lakes State Park on a suspicious vehicle. The driver and occupant of the vehicle displayed multiple indicators of criminal activity. After refusing to exit the vehicle, the driver fled the stop at a high rate of speed. The investigation is on-going and charges for Fleeing & Eluding are being pursued.

In Grundy County, while conducting recreational boating enforcement at a state lake in Grundy County, CPO Prasun located one operator that had violations for no Type IV PFD, no fire extinguisher, uncovered battery terminals, having an unregistered watercraft and operating a pleasure boat on a fishing lake. There was also a 5-year-old child on board who was not wearing a personal flotation device. A second watercraft operator had violations for no Type IV PFD, uncovered battery terminals, passenger location violations, and operating a watercraft with no safety cut-off lanyard. It was also determined the watercraft had no wearable personal flotation devices on board for the three occupants. Both operators were issued citations for the PFD violations and written warnings for the other violations. A third watercraft operator was given a written warning for no Type IV PFD, and having uncovered battery terminals.

In Grundy County, while investigating a suspicious vehicle on private property in Grundy County, CPO Prasun located a subject who was on DNR leased property with a loaded shotgun and pistol. After a brief investigation, it was determined the subject had been shooting trees on DNR leased property the day before and left numerous shotgun shells on the ground. The subject was issued a citation for displaying a firearm on DNR leased property and issued a written warning for littering.

While patrolling the state fish and wildlife area in Will County, CPO Prasun observed two semi-tractors that were pulling garbage trailers through the state property and the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. The trailers did not have tarpaulins pulled across the openings which was allowing garbage to blow out onto the roadway and adjacent state and federal properties. One driver was issued a warning for allowing blowing garbage to escape from the semi-trailer. The second driver was issued a citation for the same offense as well as a citation for driving with a canceled Commercial Driver’s License. Additional felony charges will be presented to the state’s attorney’s office on the same driver for having a fraudulent driver’s license.

While conducting sport fishing enforcement at a state lake in southern Will County, CPO Prasun encountered a fisherman who was urinating out in the open next to other fishermen along the bank. The fisherman was given a warning for nudity on state property and issued a citation for having alcoholic beverages on state property.

In Cook County, Sgt. Mooi assisted Chicago Animal Care and Control and Chicago Police Department Officers with an animal cruelty case. The subject was arrested for various violations, including unlawful possession of an endangered and threatened species, unlawful possession of a crocodilian, and unlawful possession of special use herptiles. No permits or licenses were held by the individual.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates began an investigation into an individual who has been hunting on a revoked FOID card in various counties throughout Illinois since 2020. The investigation is ongoing.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff cited a subject for possession of a live raccoon at his residence. The subject posted various pictures of himself on social media with the raccoon at his residence, and the complainant saw this and called in a TIPS complaint. CPO Gushleff went and confronted the subject, and he admitted to having the raccoon. He told CPO Gushleff he has had the raccoon for 2 years, and thought if he bought a trapping license, he could possess a live raccoon. CPO Gushleff informed him that it is illegal to have wildlife as pets, and there is no permit you can purchase to have a raccoon as a pet. The subject was cited, and the raccoon was released onto private ground (in the woods).

In Cass County, CPO Wahlbrink issued a citation to an individual at Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA after receiving notification that the individual was illegally parked and had interfered with turkey hunters while hunting mushrooms prior to 1 p.m.

In Mason County, CPO Hyatt seized three hoop nets containing several dead fish while attending the commercial fish training on the Illinois River in Havana.

In Mason County,  CPO Skelton assisted officers in a week-long commercial fishing detail on the Illinois River. During the detail, CPO Anthony Hyatt, CPOT Flinton, and CPO Skelton located three illegal hoop nets. The nets had not recently been checked, and had remnants of dead fish inside. The hoop nets were seized for evidence, and enforcement action was taken.

In Morgan County, CPO Gerdes conducted a follow-up investigation regarding a subject caught trespassing while shed antler hunting near Nortonville, Ill. The man was identified via a trail camera image, and he later admitted to the violation. CPO Gerdes cited the individual for the violation.

In Morgan County, CPO Wahlbrink cited an individual for unlawfully taking a river otter during closed season, trapping without a license and habitat stamp, and failing to label traps with either name and address or customer identification number.

In Livingston County, CPO Thompson and SGT Wollgast recovered an injured eagle in rural Livingston County. The eagle was transported to the University of Illinois Veterinary Clinic by an IDNR biologist for treatment.

While checking fishermen in Macon County, CPO Reeves found a Decatur man fishing off of Faries Parkway in Decatur. The man was unable to obtain a fishing license due to being delinquent on a large amount owed in child support. The man was issued a citation for fishing without a valid fishing license.

In McLean County, CPO Workman responded to Bloomington regarding an illegal trapping complaint. CPO Workman issued 1 WW for unlawful trapping without a permit and educated the resident the proper way to obtain a nuisance removal permit to remove the opossums from underneath his porch.

In Piatt County, CPO Noah Workman received information regarding a deer being shot from the back porch of a residence with a pistol. CPO Workman arrived on scene and able to locate the dead deer carcass on the fence line of the neighboring property. CPO Workman was told by Piatt County Sheriffs Dept. the subject who shot the deer was a convicted felon and could not be in possession of firearms. Attempts were made to make contact with the subject but were unsuccessful.

In Piatt County, CPO Workman, CPO Vaughan, and Sgt. Graden assisted Piatt County in the execution of a search warrant of the residence. Multiple firearms and ammunition were located inside the residence. Piatt County arrested the subject and CPO Workman will refer all wildlife violations related to the shooting of the white-tailed deer.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Clinton County, CPO Macias and CPO Schachner worked with an undercover Kentucky Game and Fish Agent on a case that proved a Clinton County resident shot and killed four bobcats in Illinois and then claimed to have harvested the cats in the state of Kentucky. After a lengthy interview, the subject admitted to taking the bobcats in Illinois without a permit, then traveling across state lines into Kentucky and purchasing a nonresident Kentucky hunting license and getting CITES permits in order to tag the bobcats. All four pelts and CITES tags were seized and the subject received several citations from both the Illinois and Kentucky game wardens.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers worked with a Kentucky Conservation Investigator. An Illinois resident unlawfully shot a bobcat during the firearm deer season while the bobcat season was closed and the hunter did not have a bobcat permit. The hunter then falsified the bobcat harvest in Kentucky. The hunter was issued a citation in Illinois and charges will be filed in Kentucky.

In St. Clair County, CPO Wichern cited an archery turkey hunter for failing to properly tag his turkey and transporting an uncased bow.

In Franklin County, CPO Tapley and CPO Schoenhoff located two fishermen below the Rend Lake Spillway who were unlawfully snagging for fish. Citations were issue.

In Jefferson County, CPO Jourdan investigated a tip of possession of endangered species. It was discovered a woman in Jefferson County was in possession of a Ring Tailed Lemur. CPO Jourdan was shown the Lemur at the woman’s residence. The woman did not possess an Endangered Species Permit. Information was gathered as to how the Lemur was acquired. The case is pending investigation.

In White County, CPO Schoenhoff and CPO Tapley conducted a commercial fishing detail on the Little Wabash and Wabash River. During the detail, commercial fisherman were inspected and violations were noted. The subjects were issued citations for commercial fishing without a valid commercial fishing license, failure to display net tags on commercial fishing devices while in use, commercial fishing while privileges are suspended, and commercial fishing with no valid sport fishing license. Written warnings were issued for no sport fishing license, failure to display name and address on commercial fishing devices, failure to cover battery terminals, and failure to maintain commercial fishing records.

In Jasper County, CPO Hyatt checked turkey hunters in the northern part of Jasper County during second turkey season. CPO Hyatt found one hunter who did not have a plug in his gun. The hunter was issued a citation for an unplugged shotgun.

In Lawrence County, CPO Roundcount was checking fishermen at Red Hills State Park. One fisherman claimed to have left his fishing license in his camper. After further investigation, the fisherman admitted to never buying a fishing license his entire life. A citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license was issued.

In Pope County, CPO Vasicek reports the disposition of a felony commercial fishing case that he assisted U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agents on previously. Subjects were arrested following a surveillance operation on the Ohio River and subsequent takedown in Pope County, Illinois. Among the charges were sturgeon out of season, commercial fishing in restricted areas, illegal sized mesh on netting, and Lacey Act Violations associated with the harvest, possession, and sale of unlawfully taken roe for the caviar industry. The armed subjects were taken down at gunpoint in the middle of the night at a remote boat launch. The disposition for the main defendant is 1 year and 1 day in federal prison and $10,000 in restitution for the unlawfully taken sturgeon and eggs.

In Pope County, CPO Wolf cited an individual who shot a turkey with no valid hunting license or habit stamp.

In Marion County, CPO Smith responded to a complaint forwarded by CPO Swindle and Sgt Buhnerkempe. The complaint regarded taking turkey outside of the prescribed shooting hours. An individual observed a resident shoot at and kill a wild turkey several hours after 1 p.m. Sgt. Buhnerkempe was forwarded information regarding where the suspect lived. Sgt Buhnerkempe arrived at the residence and observed parts of animals that were illegal to possess; such as owl wings and bobcats. He arrived at the scene and assisted in interviewing the suspect and collecting evidence. The suspect was forthcoming and advised the bobcats were roadkills. The owl wings were collected from a barred owl he found while shed hunting and the turkey parts were taken out of season and not tagged. The subject received several citations and was issued a mandatory court date.

In Jackson County, CPO Wilkinson responded to a complaint of turkey poaching. A brief investigation was performed and it was determined a turkey was shot from a field near a road after 1 p.m. During the spring turkey seasons, hunters are only allowed to hunt until 1 p.m. 

It was determined a hunter witnessed turkeys in a field near the road around 3:30 p.m. The hunter Army crawled through a field until he was close enough to shoot and shot a turkey. The hunter was issued two citations and one written warning.

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